Plot Points

Plot Points is a monthly podcast which discusses table-top role-playing games and their supplements as literature. Our quirky panel discusses games old and new, spotlights innovations in the hobby, and links to literature.

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Zombie World! Ep. 171

Zombie World takes the Powered by the Apocalypse engine and breaks it out into decks of cards. It promises, fast, fun, and bloody undead action. Brad, Sarah, and Ben try it out at their gaming table! Ben’s book on RPG adventure...



Best of Plot Points: Ravenloft!

Americans, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with this deep cut from the Plot Points archives, our first-ever episode, Ravenloft! The Delta Green Agent's Handbook is currently free on DriveThruRPG! Check it out! Music courtesy 50 Breaks. Image courtesy...



Growing an Award-Winning Game Company- Ep. 170

An interview with Magpie Games



D&D Outsold AD&D- Ep. 168

Actual sales numbers for D&D have never been common or easy to find. But Ben had a source sent him four pages of D&D sales numbers for use in his book, and it revealed a fascinating fact: D&D outsold AD&D, AD&D 2nd edition, and...



D&D 5E Seminar from Gamehole Con 2019- Ep. 167

An hour of power with the towering triumvirate of tabletop, Mike Mearls, Chris Perkins, and Chris Lindsay! Hear about the origins of such products as Tyranny of Dragons and D&D Essentials in this freewheeling and wide-ranging Q&A...



RPG Historian Shannon Appelcline Told to Cease & Desist by TSR- Ep.166

Shannon Appelcline, author of Designers & Dragons, received legal notice from TSR to stop posting D&D material online in the 1990's. Thing was, he wasn't posting about D&D! Listen to hear the story, and how Shannon came to write his...


 01 November 2019  55m

A First Look at Descent into Avernus- Ep. 165

A chapter delve on the newest D&D 5E release


 25 October 2019  43m

Dinosaur Princesses- Ep. 164

You're a dinosaur! And a princess! Solve problems and cheer in this G-rated game for beginners. Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on DriveThruRPG. Click here to pick up this essential volume! Like Plot Points?...


 19 October 2019  1h0m

TSR's Christmas Layoffs- Ep. 163

In 1996, Random House returned a huge amount of material to TSR. To move the company back into the black, layoffs were planned and carried out on December 20th, 1996. This is the story of that day. Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter...


 10 October 2019  20m

Death by Debt at TSR: Ep 161

A 1979 contract between Random House and TSR would take 18 years to kill the company that started the role-playing game hobby. Thanks to historian Micheal Calleia, Ben has a copy of that very contract, and discusses how it led TSR to near bankruptcy...


 27 September 2019  52m