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Google Cloud Platform Podcast: FACEIT with Maria Laura Scuri

Happy Halloween! Today, Jon Foust ( and Brian Dorsey ( chat with Maria Laura Scuri ( of FACEIT about ways they are reducing toxicity in gaming. FACEIT is a competitive gaming platform that helps connect gamers and game competition and tournament organizers. In order to do this well, FACEIT has put a lot of energy into finding ways to keep the experience positive for everyone...



Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Massive with Björn Lindberg

We’re sad to say goodbye to Mark Mandel ( this week but excited to bring you an interview he and guest host Robert Martin ( did with Björn Lindberg of Massive Entertainment ( The gaming studio is located in Sweden and owned by Ubisoft. Their most recent game, The Division 2 (, is a “looter shooter” game that was released in March...



Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Data Visualization with Manuel Lima

Gabi Ferrara ( and Jon Foust ( are back today and joined by fellow Googler Manuel Lima ( In this episode, Manuel tells us all about data visualization, what it means, why it’s important, and the best ways to do it effectively. For Google and its mission, data visualization is especially necessary in faciliatating the accesibility of information...


 16 October 2019  30m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: SeMI Technologies with Laura Ham

Today on the podcast, Gabi Ferrara ( and Jon Foust ( share a great interview with Laura Ham, Community Solution Engineer at SeMI Technologies. At SeMI Technologies, Laura works with their project Weaviate, an open-source knowledge graph program that allows users to do a contextualized search based on inputted data. However, unlike traditional databases, Weaviate attaches meanings and links within the data...


 09 October 2019  34m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Qubit with Matthew Tamsett and Ravi Upreti

Our guests Matthew Tamsett and Ravi Upreti join Gabi Ferrara ( and Aja Hammerly ( to talk about data science and their project, Qubit. Qubit helps web companies by measuring different us...


 02 October 2019  28m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Phoenix Labs with Jesse Houston

Mark Mandel ( and Jon Foust ( return this week to host Jesse Houston (, CEO of Phoenix Labs. Jesse goes into detail about their online, multiplayer game Dauntless, a hunting action game that brings friends together from every platform to fight giant monsters. Users can even switch platforms, say from Xbox to Playstation, and pick up right where they left off...


 25 September 2019  37m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Conversational AI Best Practices with Cathy Pearl and Jessica Dene Earley-Cha

Conversational AI is our topic this week as your hosts Mark Mirchandani ( and Priyanka Vergadia ( are joined by Cathy Pearl ( and Jessica Dene Earley-Cha ( Cathy explains what conversation AI is, describing it as people teaching computers to communicate the way humans do, rather than forcing humans to communicate like computers...


 18 September 2019  41m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: ML with Dale Markowitz

On the podcast this week, we have a great interview with Google Developer Advocate, Dale Markowitz ( Aja Hammerly ( and Jon Foust ( are your hosts, as we talk about machine learning, its best use cases, and how developers can break into machine learning and data science...


 11 September 2019  30m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Devoted Health and Data Science with Chris Albon

Michelle Casbon ( is back in the host seat with Mark Mirchandani ( this week as we talk data science with Devoted Health Director of Data Science, Chris Albon ( Chris talks with us about what it takes to be a data scientist at Devoted Health and how Devoted Health and machine learning are advancing the healthcare field. Later, Chris talks about the future of Devoted Health and how they plan to grow...


 04 September 2019  56m

Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Cloud Bigtable with Billy Jacobson

Google’s own Billy Jacobson ( joins hosts Mark Mandel ( and Mark Mirchandani ( this week to dive deeper into Cloud Bigtable. Bigtable is Google’s petabyte scale, fully managed, NoSQL database. Billy elaborates on what projects Bigtable works best with, like time-series data user analytics, and why it’s such a great tool...


 28 August 2019  33m