Physician Assistant Exam Review

We review core medical knowledge on continuous basis in order to prepare you for the PANCE or PANRE.

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S2 E055 Pulmonary Circ and PA WEEK!

PA WEEK! and pulmonary HTN, PE and more



S2 E054 Pleural disease for the PANCE

Pneumothorax with a touch of decreasing your stress level


 17 September 2019  25m

S2 E053 Restrictive Lung Diseases and what to avoid on your breaks.

Restrictive Pulmonary Disease Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis The development of scar tissue within the lungs Clinical presentation Dyspnea Dry cough Chest discomfort Labs, Studies and Physical Exam Findings Fine crackles at the bases may be present FEV1...


 03 September 2019  18m

S2 E052 CF & why key terms aren’t enough

Knowing your key terms might not be enough??


 13 August 2019  20m

S2 E051 COPD & Asthma (and my best advice for struggling)

Obstructive Lung Diseases Spirometry The most used pulmonary function test. It measures volume and speed of exhalation and inspiration. Total lung capacity (TLC) The volume of the lungs at maximal inflation Tidal volume The volume of air moved into and...


 30 July 2019  32m

S2 E50 Derm Misc for the PANCE/PANRE

Acanthosis Nigricans Typically occurs in African Americans Causes May be inherited May appear in a healthy individual May be directly related to an underlying health issue which is usually an endocrine disorder Insulin resistant disorders are most comm...


 16 July 2019  16m

S2 E049 Derm: Skin Cancer for the PANRE and PANCE

Kaposi’s Sarcoma A systemic disease caused by herpes virus 8 Most often have lesions on the skin surface. Typically a very slow developing illness, but in conjunction with the AIDS virus it progresses very quickly.


 02 July 2019  23m

 18 June 2019  22m

S2 E 047 SJS/TEN for the PANCE or PANRE

demystifying TEN and SJS


 04 June 2019  17m

S2 E046 Derm integrity for the PANCE/PANRE

PANCE/PANRE review of Derm including burns and ulcers


 21 May 2019  30m