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Mobile Roar 151: So Many Pixels

Nick Gray joins us on the podcast this week. We talk about the leaked Pixel Launcher and Google's design changes for the upcoming Pixel phones. We also talk about iOS 10's rocky start and iMessages NSFW problem. Thanks for listening! Top Stories New...


 16 September 2016  1h11m

Mobile Roar 150: iPhone Fail

It's everyone's favorite time of the year: Apple Event! /s That means we get to rip on Apple for "courageously" ditching the headphone jack. Other topics this week include the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Nintendo mobile apps, Pixel phones, Nexus 7 rumors,...


 09 September 2016  1h4m

Mobile Roar 149: #Batterygate

We've got a lot to talk about this week. Joe wraps up his thoughts on the Galaxy Note 7, we cover all the important stuff from IFA 2016, and should you worry about your Note 7 exploding? Top Stories Galaxy Note 7 Review IFA 2016 (Moto Z Play, camera...


 02 September 2016  1h17m

Mobile Roar 148: Get Honored

This week we've got the brand new Honor 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the house. Chris and Joe share their first impressions of these devices. Other topics include new data plans from T-Mobile and AT&T, Google Duo, and more! Top Stories Hands-on...


 19 August 2016  1h13m

Mobile Roar 147: Edge of Note 7

This week we're talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 going official. Was there anything we didn't already know about? We also talk about a new batch of Nexus rumors, Instagram's shameless rip off of Snapchat (and why it's a good thing), and the...


 05 August 2016  1h0m

Mobile Roar 146: OnePlus Win?

This week we're finally wrapping up our OnePlus 3 review. Is it the best phone out there? We also have more details on the Note 7 before the event next week, and dropping iPhone sales continue. Top Stories OnePlus 3 review Quick Hits Moto won’t...


 29 July 2016  59m

Mobile Roar 145: Moto Meh

This week we're talking about our review of the Moto Z Droid Edition for Verizon. Droid Does modular, but will anyone care about it? We also rant about how the Pokemon GO launch has been a disaster. Top Stories Moto Z Droid Review...


 22 July 2016  55m

Mobile Roar 144: Pokémania

We have to talk about the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO, but don't worry, we don't talk about it for too long. Other topics include Google's leaked sexy smartwatch, the Galaxy Note 7 launch, Facebook's battery testing, and viral games back in the...


 15 July 2016  54m

Mobile Roar 143: GO GO Pokémon

This week we're talking about the latest HTC Nexus leak. We have an actual image to look at. Chris calls it the HTC "Sexus." We're also talking about what it's like to play Pokemon Go, Android 7.0 Nougat, Snapchat Memories, and much more! Top Stories ...


 08 July 2016  56m

Mobile Roar 142: Eat Nougat

N is for Nougat! We finally have the official name and a less than amazing statue. We're also talking about AT&T ripping off T-Mobile, HTC Nexus rumors, the Galaxy Note 7, phones with ads, and 3.7-inch displays. Top Stories Android Nougat Quick...


 01 July 2016  51m