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Mobile Roar 167: Are we biased?

Chris and Joe discuss the multiple issues people have reported with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Are these things worth worrying about? Should we even talk about them? Is it unfair to scrutinize the S8 so much? All that, and much more! Top Stories Samsung...


 05 May 2017  1h0m

Mobile Roar 166: Galaxy S8 Fails

This week on the podcast, Chris and Joe have the Galaxy S8. An excellent phone with no shortage of annoyances. The guys share their honest opinions. Other topics include Snapchat being snobs, Instagram Stories, and Juicero. Top Stories Samsung Galaxy...


 21 April 2017  54m

Mobile Roar 165: Feels Good in the Hand

Joe has the LG G6 and Chris has the Moto G5 Plus. Two phones on opposite sides of the spectrum. The guys talk about their impressions with the devices and much more. Top Stories LG G6 & Moto G5 Plus Quick Hits Andy Rubin teases bezeless phone...


 07 April 2017  56m

Mobile Roar Extras: Galaxy S8 First Impressions

This is quick episode where Chris and Joe share their first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Topics from the discussion: Weird aspect ratio Why does China get 6GB of RAM? U.S. is only getting three colors Is the black really black...


 30 March 2017  18m

Mobile Roar 164: Android Oh My

Top Stories Android O is here Quick Hits Google Home speaking ads? Free google home with LG G6 Samsung confirms Bixby LG G6 launching March 30 at VZ, April 7 elsewhere LG hit with lawsuit over bootloops Leaked Galaxy S8 desktop dock Superscreen...


 24 March 2017  1h2m

Mobile Roar 163: (fixed) Woody Goes to MWC

In this episode we're recapping Chris' trip to MWC 2017. He shares his thoughts on the LG G6 and the plethora of other new phones. We also debate the merits of software buttons. Top Stories LG G6 Sony Xperia phones Moto G5 & G5 Plus Huawei P10...


 10 March 2017  1h2m

Mobile Roar Corrections

We don't have a full episode this week, but we wanted to make some corrections from the last episode. Thanks to everyone who let us know about the errors. We'll be back next week with a full episode with tons of news from MWC!


 03 March 2017  3m

Mobile Roar 162: V8 Pro Veggie Juice

This week we're talking about the surprisingly awesome ZTE Blade V8 Pro. Other topics include more Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks and rumors, very promising LG G6 info, Pokemon GO Gen 2, and more! Top Stories ZTE Blade V8 Pro Quick Hits Verizon brings...


 24 February 2017  55m

Mobile Roar 161: What to Wear 2.0

We're back to talk about new LG watches with Android Wear 2.0, more Galaxy S8 and LG G6 leaks, and the resurgence of wireless charging. Top Stories LG Watch Style, LG Watch Sport, Android Wear 2.0 LG G6 & Samsung Galaxy S8 roundup Quick...


 10 February 2017  55m

Mobile Roar 160: Galaxy S8 & Trump's phone

This week we're joined by Andrew Myrick to talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 rumors, the Note 7 investigation, and Donald Trump's Android phone. Top Stories Galaxy S8 leaks/rumors galore Samsung is hoarding the Snapdragon 835 Results from Note 7...


 27 January 2017  1h9m