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Some of the best music available this millennium across musical genres

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Newer Music - Episode 89

The usual plethora of excellent album releases this time of year is happening again this April/Ma...


 22 May 2019  1h3m

Newer Music - Episode 88

Tracks from a few albums recently released (in the main): Tracks/ timing / artist/ album title /...


 19 April 2019  1h3m

Newer Music - Episode 87

Another gathering of tracks from recent album releases (in the main).I'm particularly enjoying th...


 12 March 2019  1h0m

Newer Music - Episode 86

In a cold UK the music year starts to warm up. Some excellence delivered already - I'm especially...


 05 February 2019  1h3m

Newer Music Episode 85

2019. Who'd have thought. Well, I am still here and the tracks on this episode are as follows: 1...


 06 January 2019  53m

Newer Music - Episode 84

Tracks: a. Intro – Peggy Lee – Siamese cats song from Lady & the Tramp 1. Me, myself, I 3:10 Jo...


 16 November 2018  59m

Newer Music - Episode 83

Hi all. Lot’s of good stuff on this episode (imo). A little more electronica swing, some jazz, am...


 11 October 2018  58m

Newer Music - Episode 82

Hi all, Hope you find something in this episode you like. It’s a varied selection this month with...


 21 September 2018  58m

Newer Music - Episode 81

All but two tracks in this episode is a compilation of album tracks previously omitted for select...


 25 July 2018  1h1m

Newer Music - Episode 80

The albums released over May/June 2018 have been rather excellent, so I’ve been spoiled for choic...


 02 July 2018  1h0m