This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 19m. Bisher sind 71 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Roland's Calls - Part 5/6

Roland continues to have nightmares and scary visions. She calls Rae late at night to talk. Reluctantly, Rae keeps her company. While they discuss past cases, Roland has another vision, which leaves Rae frightened.



Chapter 14: Separated - Part 4/4

Everyone is on their own mission. Michelle and Roger make their way to the Navigation deck, but of course it's deserted. Meanwhile, Skye and Erika are shrouded in darkness and under attack by one of the deer creatures. But Erika hears Shane in the...



Chapter 14: Separated - Part 3/4

Erika has convinced Skye, and now the two of them are heading deeper into the ship. The problem is, the creatures are still stalking about. But nothing will stand in the way of Erika reaching Shane. "MeasuredPaces" Kevin MacLeod (


 28 October 2019  14m

Chapter 14: Separated - Part 2/4

Shane, Cora, and Dale all survived the fall... but to what extent? They are now in the engine room, far from the rest of the group. To make matters worse, Shane finds that he's unable to move. Was his sleep paralysis a foreshadowing of things to come?...


 01 October 2019  17m

Chapter 14: Separated - Part 1/4

Things have drastically changed. The group is now separated. Erika, Michelle, Roger, and Skye don't even know if the others are still alive. Regardless, Erika wants to head down, deeper into the ship, to find them. She can't leave Shane behind. But...


 18 September 2019  12m

Roland's Calls: Part 4/6

Roland has a new phone and is living out of a motel. She calls Rae to give her a rundown of the events that took place in Leyden Falls. Afterwards, Rae and Roland discuss the mysterious names of the binder to see if they can find any connections...


 03 September 2019  8m

Chapter 13: When the Fog Rolls In - Part 3/3

The horror ensues as Shane and company make their way through the desolate halls, away from the nightmarish creatures that just appeared. When the outside doors become blocked, the group makes for the elevators. But when the power goes out, they must...


 20 August 2019  9m

Chapter 13: When the Fog Rolls In - Part 2/3

Shane and company head back into the ship after the weird ship movement outside. They are all on edge. A feeling which doesn't lessen when they find every other passenger gone. Where is everyone? As they move through the ship they notice weird things...


 06 August 2019  14m

Chapter 13: When the Fog Rolls In - Part 1/3

The fog has come in and Shane knows that danger looms. But when Michelle gets caught cheating, several other people get dragged into Shane's horror. Erika is starting to believe the warnings and now it looks like everyone is in danger. Music provided...


 23 July 2019  13m

Roland's Calls - Part 3/6

Roland makes another call to Rae to give her an update. Rae continues to help by supplying Roland with Julia's contact info. Now Rae has another job: To look up the names in the binder found in Trust's home.


 09 July 2019  7m