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episode 49: paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 45

curated by chad.  specimens: sammy, chad and his orchestra, george hrab and chad's orchestra, good man, coco, joe kile (6:07), kenny, edward, teddy, penn, jerm v, adam, marc & joe, chad's mom, willbot robot, joe kile again (14:30), mad at dad



episode 48: snacktime - pumpkin

A song by Chad.  An oldie, but a goodie.  This song can also be found in episode 2.   Happy Halloween!


 31 October 2019  6m

episode 47: paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 44

curated by chad.  specimens: melinda, chad and his orchestra, chadwerk, brian hobein, joe kile, brian hobein again, the news man, kenny, mad at chad, jesus tranter feat. em and tim and carl


 20 October 2019  15m

episode 46: paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 43

curated by chad and husky sombrero.  specimens: chad, george hrab, bryan hobein (4:31), wrong number, joe @ tha hi pointe, molotov grasshopper (10:05), collection gurl feat. davelybob, kids in paris, dj, joe, mort, jeremy, fone friends, turan, keith, mar...


 02 August 2019  34m

episode 45: paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 42

curated by chad.  specimens: joe kile, chadwerk, paul & mark, merely civil / mad at dad, bryan hobein, night grinder, derek brink (feat. mad at dad)   5:36  Merely Civil (unknown title) 7:01  mad at dad - "merely resonged" 11:14  Bryan Hobein - "My Heart...


 04 May 2019  20m

episode 44: paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 41

curated by chad.  specimens: kenny, son of chad, calvin, hap, mad at dad, davelybob, jesus tranter, burney, k-bux, spoondrift, joe kile, fone friends, real stl brother, dj, paul, mort, tharino, turan


 05 April 2019  24m

episode 43: snacktime - nonconnah "my battery is low and it's getting dark"

Emerging from the ruins of acclaimed North Carolina ambient/drone duo Lost Trail, Nonconnah is the newest experiment in spaced-out instrumental sonics from Zachary and Denny Corsa. Named for a mysterious creek running along the borders of their new home ...


 02 April 2019  3m

episode 42: paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 40

curated by davelybob*.  specimens: tha dlb, spaghettï, chad, piece of cake, skippy buzzhum, beyond the borders, brother shahid, jess, jameel, the miller brothers, chelsi, ex salis, hxxs, backwards ali, dave stone, janet, jaded evil lambs *somebody else l...


 26 March 2019  36m

episode 41: snacktime - watabou "upward and outward"

WOAH.  It's been a minute, even for us.  Just so you know, we're planning on being around more in the new year.  Way Out Weirdo Wednesday has been chugging along this whole time, the next one (#35!) is on January 9th, which will be guest curated by our g...


 14 December 2018  3m

paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 39

curated by chad and dingus. specimens: destination machine, m @ d, half dolla, bunch-o-flex, fry 13 (mm), tim, spring-dog, ricky, distant pony, scooter, eeeyore, fone ...


 24 February 2017  36m