Palaeo After Dark

A group of fresh faced scientists have biweekly informal discussions about evolutionary biology and palaeontology... over beer.

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Podcast 19 - Lagging Brains

The gang soldiers on against the horrible vexations of internet lag and losing an hour of recording to discuss a fascinating set of papers looking at fossilized arthropod brains from the Chengjiang. Meanwhile, James...


 17 November 2013  1h8m

Podcast 18 - 'Live' from GSA!

Having fixed the audio problems from the last podcast, the gang reconvenes at the Denver Geological Society of America Meeting to discuss the cool and exciting new research that was presented at the conference. Meanwhile,...


 03 November 2013  1h44m

Podcast 17 - Jawsome

With everyone scattered across the country, the gang attempts to use the mystery box called the internet to still record a podcast... Things could have gone better. Audio glitches and echoes abound, but we'll do better...


 20 October 2013  1h22m

Podcast 16 - TUBE FEET!!!!!

In this episode of Palaeo After Dark, the group talks about an interesting and enigmatic fossil species from the Burgess Shale called Siphusauctum gregarium, which looks somewhat like a crinoid but is possibly completely...


 07 October 2013  1h16m

Podcast 15 - Game of Cats

In this episode we discuss a paper about cats, specifically trying to use the shape of bones to estimate the preferred habitat of modern and fossil cats. Meanwhile, Amanda and James discuss Game of Thrones, and Curt is...


 22 September 2013  1h38m

Podcast 14 - The #@$%

This episode of Palaeo After Dark is the RAWEST, as we discuss the  controversial primate Darwinius. Also James communicates telepathically, Amanda is constantly bombarded by texts, and Curt gets the "facts".


 08 September 2013  55m

Podcast 13 - Columbo Meets Gary Busey

This week we desperately try to remain on topic as we talk about fossil beds with exceptional preservation....   We fail...   Instead, James discusses anger, Amanda wants Robocop because she's OG, Curt confuses...


 25 August 2013  1h37m

Podcast 12 - "All" its "Descendents"

In this episode, we discuss two studies that try to piece apart the effects that the ecological niche breadth (i.e. the range of habitats an animal can survive in) of an animal has on its potential to diversify and/or...


 11 August 2013  1h16m

Podcast 11 - Early Life is a Battlefield

In this week's episode, we discuss evidence of some early single-cellular life, and James gives the group a passionate lesson in mathematics...   A veeeerrrrryyyy passionate lesson.   Meanwhile, Randol returns and...


 28 July 2013  1h11m

Podcast 10 - Adventures in Dating

In this episode, while Randol is away Amanda gives the group a lesson in American History, Curt ruins illusions, and James fills the void with his best Randol impressions. Also, after about 18 minutes of random banter they...


 14 July 2013  1h12m