Palaeo After Dark

A group of fresh faced scientists have biweekly informal discussions about evolutionary biology and palaeontology... over beer.

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Podcast 177 - Grow a Spine

The gang discusses two papers that look at how the morphology of tetrapods (animals with four limbs and a backbone) has changed over time. One paper looks at how dinosaur jaws are related to diet preferences, and the other paper looks at how spines...



Podcast 176 - Much Ado About Teeth

The gang discusses two papers that look at changes in teeth through time. The first paper looks at the earliest example of heterodont teeth in tetrapods, and the second paper looks at how different mammal groups build sabre tooth morphologies....



Podcast 175 - Big Data Studies

The gang discusses two papers that use large data sets to look at big picture patterns in evolution and ecology. Specifically, they look at one paper that explores brachiopod shell thickness in relationship to environmental preferences during the Late...


 10 November 2019  1h21m

Podcast 174 - Feeling Drained; Parasites in the Fossil Record

The gang talks about two papers that look at potential examples of parasitism in the fossil record. One paper finds possible parasites attaching to ancient ostracods, and another paper details potential parasitic isopods on electric ray fossils....


 27 October 2019  1h6m

Podcast 173 - Early Plants

The gang discusses two papers that look into early plant evolution and ecology. The first paper looks at some evidence from fossil spores to determine where the earliest vascular plants on land may have evolved. The second paper looks at a unique...


 13 October 2019  1h20m

Podcast 172 - GSA 2019

James, Brendan, Aly, Carlie, Anna, and Curt gather together at the 2019 Geological Society of America Meeting in Phoenix and discuss the various paleontology talks they saw at the event. Day 1 (Anna, James, Curt, Brendan): 0:00 - 1:05 Day 2 (James,...


 30 September 2019  5h17m

Podcast 171 - Birds Get Swole in New Zealand

The gang discusses some very interesting papers about bird fossils in New Zealand. These papers describe how many different types of birds ended up on New Zealand throughout the Cenozoic, and each time they experienced significant increases in their...


 15 September 2019  1h39m

Podcast 170 - The Impact of Taphonomy; On Conodonts and Dinosaur Nesting Sites

The gang discusses two very different papers that are sort of united together based upon the importance of taphonomy. First, they look at a paper about how the ways in which conodont elements are preserved can affect our understanding of their...


 01 September 2019  1h16m

Podcast 169 - Learning about Agnostids

The gang takes some time to discuss two papers about agnostids, a strange group of trilobite-like arthropods whose evolutionary history has been the subject of considerable debate. First, we discuss a short paper summarizing the history of the...


 18 August 2019  1h26m

Podcast 168 - Alligator Teeth and Too Small Cats

The gang discusses two papers that look at the diets of past and present crocodylomorphs using patterns in teeth shape and enamel. It turns out, past relatives of crocodiles were likely a lot more experimental in the types of feeding strategies they...


 04 August 2019  1h1m