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The Pain Information Network is a resource to better understand pain, why we hurt, and what we can do about it. The latest diagnostic, therapeutic, and research is discussed by experts in the field of pain control strategies and treatment.

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CBD - Podcast From A Car

CBD is both an oil, and a tincture....What??? I hear about this stuff. Can it help?


 14 August 2019  14m

An Interview With a WWII General On D-Day 75

General Phillips, a WWII hero gives us insight on the sacrifices and triumphs of that era.


 21 June 2019  42m

An Interview With A General On D-Day 75

Incredible opportunity to talk with history that saw it. He lived it, endured it.


 21 June 2019  48m

The Brain Meets Brilliance

Dr. S. Jordon of UCLA is all about the brain.... and incredible advances.


 22 January 2019  23m

Podcast From A Car. Stims and Exozomes???

Ready for the new world? This is a primer.


 12 November 2018  16m

A hurricane made me do it. Let's talk depression..

Depression is real. I scratch at it a bit.


 12 October 2018  27m

My Drugs Don't Work!

A return to the geek stuff


 28 September 2018  n/a

 08 September 2018  10m

Fibro Podcast From A Car

Fibro rambling


 19 August 2018  13m

D0 I Or Don't I

A decision based on professonal wisdom...


 08 July 2018  22m