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episode 120: What REALLY Makes Men Attractive?

Does personality matter, or are looks the only thing that's important? Why do guys have a hard time understanding what makes a man attractive to women?



episode 119: What Does A Real Man Look LIke?

Men feel immense pressure to look a particular way and they're breaking themselves, physically and psychically to try to get to reach those ideals.
 As bodies are marketed to us as products and men are sold self-loathing, we have to ask: what does a...



episode 118: Dating Tips for Short Men

When Chris Morgan had a meltdown at the Bagel Boss in Long Island, he was tapping into real frustrations short men have in dating. Here's how short guys can learn to get the girl.


 18 July 2019  19m

episode 118: How To Be Instantly Magnetic to Women

Charisma and personal magnetism aren't about being the handsomest or most impressive person in the room. It's about knowing how to connect with people in ways that other folks can't. Understand how to build the right connections with people and...


 04 July 2019  20m

episode 117: Learning the (Love) Lessons of End of Evangelion

Now that Neon Genesis Evangelion is available on Netflix, what can we learn about love, life and loneliness from Shinji Ikari?


 28 June 2019  24m

episode 116: This is Why Your Life Isn't Getting Better... And How To Fix It.

Incels are spending tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to become Chads and they're still miserable. Here's why your life isn't getting better... and how to fix it.


 20 June 2019  18m

episode 115: The Secret to Successful Flirting

Flirting with amazing women is far less complicated or difficult than people think it is. Here's the secret.


 07 June 2019  15m

episode 114: The Mistakes That Are Costing You Dates

This common belief is ruining your relationships and making it impossible to find the dating success you want.


 23 May 2019  19m

episode 114: Why Are Millennials Having Less Sex?

Millennials in general and Millennial men are having less sex than ever. Why? And what does this have to do with #metoo and the recent #sexstrike?


 16 May 2019  11m

episode 113: The Dr. NerdLoveLine Special

You've been waiting patiently, and it's finally here! This week, the Doc - and special guest host Crystal Donovan - take your questions from the NerdLove Hotline and dispense wit, wisdom, dating advice and digressions into side topics. Loved this...


 09 May 2019  1h4m