Origin Stories

What makes us human? How are we different from chimpanzees? Who are our earliest ancestors and how do we know? Origin Stories is The Leakey Foundation’s podcast about how we became human. This award-winning show combines science and narrative to explore our human story and explain why we are the way we are. Listen and explore human evolution one story at a time.


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From the Archive - Louis Leakey

In the final installment of our "From the Archive" series, Kenyan paleoanthropologist Louis S.B. Leakey shares the story of his life and work in a never-before-released interview recorded in 1969.


 07 August 2019  32m

Episode 37: From the Archive - Mary Leakey

Mary Leakey was called the "grand dame" of archaeology. She was a methodical and exacting scientist who made some of the world's most significant archaeological discoveries. In this lecture from The Leakey Foundation archive, Mary Leakey tells the...


 14 June 2019  46m

episode 6: From the Archive - Tepilit Ole Saitoti

Tepilit Ole Saitoti was a Maasai warrior, author, and natural resources expert. In this lecture from The Leakey Foundation archive, Saitoti tells his life story, discusses Maasai culture, and explores the challenges faced by the Maasai people.


 14 March 2019  56m

episode 5: Episode 35: From the Archive - Raymond Dart

Raymond Dart was getting dressed for a wedding when he was given two boxes of rocks and fossils. Inside the boxes, he found the first evidence of humanity’s African origins. This episode tells the story of the 1924 discovery of the Taung Child...


 14 February 2019  31m

episode 34: Episode 34: From the Archive - Margaret Mead

In this never-before-released archival lecture from 1974, anthropologist Margaret Mead discusses the lives of women from prehistoric through modern times.


 10 January 2019  51m

episode 3: From the Archive - Dian Fossey

In this never-before-released archival lecture from 1973, the legendary primatologist Dian Fossey tells the story of the early years of her groundbreaking mountain gorilla research.


 13 December 2018  54m

episode 2: From the Archive - Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan explores the evolution of human intelligence from the big bang, fifteen billion years ago, through today in this never-before-released archival lecture.


 29 November 2018  48m

episode 1: The Four Year War

A scientist solves the mystery of the only known chimpanzee civil war...thus far.


 15 November 2018  26m

Season Three Preview

Origin Stories returns November 15th with more stories about how we became human.


 01 November 2018  2m

episode 8: What They Left Behind [Rebroadcast]

The stories and songs of prehistoric people are lost. Their art and artifacts are all that remain of their culture. The painted caves of Ice Age Europe are the world's most famous examples of prehistoric art. What does this art reveal about the people...


 06 June 2018  38m