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No topic is off limits in this weekly podcast hosted by Chris & Jess. From pop culture to politics, new topics are discussed every Sunday.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 40m. Bisher sind 73 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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episode 73: East coast adventure and vegan BBQ attack!?

Jess is back after a vacation in eastern Canada! Chris and Jess catch up plus they discuss baby shower etiquette and a vegan BBQ attack!? All that, plus the weekly celebrity quiz. It's time for tea!



episode 72: Behind the scenes, a chat with an Artist and Tour Manager.

Chris and Jess chat with Chris Brunton, a 15-year veteran of the entertainment industry. He has spent the majority of his career working as an Artist and Tour Manager supporting the award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and author, Jann Arde...



episode 71: Disney adults and Facebook couples?

This week Chris and Jess chat about Disney's new streaming service, Disney +. Plus they introduce a new segment called "WTF", highlighting some WTF worthy things they have come across in the news, on Twitter, and in real life. All that and more!



episode 70: Love bites and Alienstock Festival!

Chris and Jess are back with another love bites segment. Plus, WTF is going on in area 51!? Will you be attending Alienstock? All that and more!



episode 69: It's time to vote, with your wallet...

Chris and Jess chat about showing support by voting with your wallet. PLUS is it okay to grieve for a pet the same way you would for a human? All that and more!


 12 August 2019  46m

episode 68: What do number neighbors, Michael Jackson, and Canada all have in common?

Answer: They are all discussed on this week's podcast. Chris and Jess are coming off a week-long visit together in Canada's capital. Have you met your number neighbor? and what will MTV do with Michael Jackson!? All that and more!


 05 August 2019  40m

episode 67: Shady shady businesses!

This week Chris and Jess talk about a major Forever 21 fuck up, PLUS, you won't believe a local business's message to the LGBT community. All that and more! 


 28 July 2019  28m

episode 66: Singing about tweets and babies...

Chris and Jess break out their singing voices on this week's episode, yes, really. Plus, Chris and Jess chat about a crazy baby mix up. We want to hear your thoughts - tweet at us @nowservingpc!


 14 July 2019  31m

episode 65: Counts aren't vampires...

This week Chris and Jess discuss movies they couldn't live without, going on cruises and the environmental impact, and hygge...? All that and so much more!


 07 July 2019  55m

episode 64: A celebration gone wrong and guess who stole something!?

Chris and Jess chat about the Raptors celebration parade. Jess was onsite as a shooting took place, she shares her story. Plus, someone stole something from Chris! All that and more, it's time for tea!


 23 June 2019  45m