New Books in Education

Interviews with Scholars of Education about their New Books

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episode 38: David Lindsay Roberts, "Republic of Numbers: Unexpected Stories of Mathematical Americans through History" (Johns Hopkins UP, 2019)

Roberts anchors 20 biographical chapters to a decadal series of events, whose mathematical significance could not often have been anticipated...



episode 60: Elena Albarrán, "Seen and Heard in Mexico: Children and Revolutionary Cultural Nationalism" (U Nebraska Press, 2014)

Albarran explores the changing politics of childhood during the period 1920-1940, in the wake of the Mexican Revolution...



episode 14: Logan Thompson, "Beyond the Content: Mindfulness as a Test Prep Advantage" (Kaplan Publishing, 2019)

Mindfulness is widely embraced in the business and athletic communities as a valuable technique to optimize performance. Author Logan Thompson, an expert in both test prep and mindfulness, says that it's about time the test prep community embraces it as well...



episode 75: Brittany Lehman, "Teaching Migrant Children in West Germany and Europe, 1945-1992" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)

Using West Germany as a case study to explore European trends, the book analyzes how the Council of Europe and European Community’s ideological goals were implemented for specific national groups...



Candy Gunther Brown, "Debating Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools: Reforming Secular Education or Reestablishing Religion?" (UNC Press, 2019)

An expert witness in four legal challenges, Brown scrutinized unpublished trial records, informant interviews, and legal precedents, as well as insider documents, some revealing promoters of “Vedic victory” or “stealth Buddhism” for public-school children...



episode 76: Milton Gaither, "Homeschool: An American History" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

With around two million children currently enrolled in home schools in the USA, no-one can doubt that the subject of Milton Gaither’s new book is timely...


 18 September 2019  30m

episode 12: Holly Rogers, "The Mindful Twenty-Something" (New Harbinger, 2016)

Rogers presents a unique, evidence based approach to help you make important life decisions with clarity and confidence.


 03 September 2019  56m

episode 52: Cecilia Caballero et al. "The Chicana M(other)work Anthology: Porque Sin Madres No Hay Revolucion" (U Arizona Press, 2019)

The editors bring together a diverse collective of Women of Color Mother-Scholars to end the silence experienced by Mothers of Color in academia....


 28 August 2019  1h5m

episode 62: David Resnick, "Representing Education In Film: How Hollywood Portrays Educational Thought, Settings and Issues" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

Using many examples of Hollywood movies, Resnick analyzes the way movies perform in a variety of formal and informal educational settings...


 29 July 2019  53m

episode 528: Sarah Anne Carter, "Object Lessons: How Nineteenth-Century Americans Learned to Make Sense of the Material World" (Oxford UP, 2018)

Carter reveals that object lessons were a classroom exercise, in wide use during the nineteenth century...


 10 July 2019  1h2m