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What exactly is a gut feeling?



episode 52: Understanding addiction

What exactly is addiction? What's going on in the brain?


 20 October 2019  37m

Making moves

This month - what's going on in the brain that allows us to move? How might control over our movements change as we age? And why do armies march in time with each other? We're mulling over the neuroscience of movement. Plus, we'll be tak...


 20 September 2019  39m

The Lonely Mind

This month, we're unpicking the neuroscience of loneliness, asking: Why do so many of us get lonely, what's happening in the brain when we are lonely, and what can be done to help? Plus, we'll be peeling back the science on some of the l...


 20 August 2019  44m

How Do I Smell?

This month, we're talking smelly neuroscience! Can how we smell, and what we smell like, say anything about our health? Plus, we pick apart some of the latest neuroscience papers with the help of local experts......


 20 July 2019  39m

Getting Serious on Sleep

This month - should we be changing the way we view sleep? We're talking slumber and mental health, body clocks and genes, and snoozing's impact on learning and memory. Plus, we'll be diving into some of the latest neuroscience news with ...


 20 June 2019  42m

Naked Neuroscience news roundup!

This month - from digging into dementia, to asking "are bigger brains always better?", we've had a glut of neuroscience news harvested in the naked scientists office, so prepare for a neuroscience news round up...


 20 May 2019  37m

Can Music be Medicine?

This month, Naked Neuroscience is putting music therapy under the microscope. We're tuning into the therapeutic properties of tunes, asking - what actually is music therapy? What health conditions can music therapy treat? And what's it actua...


 20 April 2019  37m

Uncovering Consciousness

This month, Naked Neuroscience is delving into the curious concept of consciousness - asking what exactly is it? Why should scientists study it? And what has the unconscious mind got to do with generating ideas? We speak to Cambridge University's ...


 20 March 2019  32m

Best Behaviour: Rolling out Change

This month, Naked Neuroscience is back at the Rosenthal Symposuim conference on changing behaviour for the healthier, organised by the UK Academy of Medical Sciences and the US National Academy of Medicine. How can healthy behaviour changes be implem...


 20 February 2019  34m