My Fence Life

We are just two guys on a journey to improve our fence businesses – we want to offer the best, most innovative fencing products to our customers while helping our teams become more efficient and productive. We’d also like to continue to improve how we manage our fence businesses. Along the way, we’re hoping to help other fence contractors do the same. We’re Cannon Johnson of Jackson Fence Company, Tennessee and Dan Blanc of Fence King, Louisiana. “It all started when I just joined in on one of Cannon’s Live YouTube sessions, ” admits Dan. “I really just wanted to mess with him. But then we actually started chatting about real issues and how we overcame them.” Dan and Cannon quickly realized that, not only were they benefiting from the conversations, but other fence contractors were chiming in, asking questions, and sharing knowledge. So, My Fence Life has become an open channel of communication, solution sharing, and, sometimes, just a way for fence contractors to vent about their biggest challenges. “I think that we can all be better if we just open up and share what’s happening, ” Cannon stated...

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Ask Me About My Day #13 - Do You Really Know Your Numbers? - Dissecting Your P and L's and Cutting Expenses - Changing Your Sales Process To Be In Tune With The Current Market!

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Ask Me About My Day #12 Get ALL the Deets on "What Happened To Kevin and Steve?!?!" - Victor Vazquez Tells All ????

Dan and Cannon give Victor Vazquez of All Over Fence out of Magna, Utah a call to find out what in the world happened to his good friend and salesperson, Kevin-Steve? One day Kevin and Steve was on Victor's daily Facebook Lives and the next day he was gone and Victor is having to do all of the sales!!! ???? 1) https://linktr...



episode 45: Victor Vazquez talks - Closing the Deal by Going Inside the Home - Having a Solid Succession Plan with Training Processes & Procedures - Building a Support Staff in the Office AND the Shop to Support Your Installers.

Dan and Cannon sit down with the Trash Talking King, Victor Vazquez of All Over Fence out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They get down to the nitty-gritty of the sales process when it comes to meeting face to face with customers and collecting that deposit check. This episode is filled with golden nuggets every business owner can walk away with. ???? 1) https://linktr...



Ask Me About My Day #11 with EXPERT Stain & Seal's Caleb Roth discusses why Odor Free Stain is Important, Stain and Seal University Scholarship, and a Tree Replacement Program

Dan calls Caleb Roth of EXPERT Stain and Seal, the My Fence Life's newest partner, and talks about the way they do Professional Wood Care! ???? 1) https://linktr...



Ask Me About My Day #10 - The Fence Games - Shawn King calls Cannon to tell him about the all new "Fence Games" coming to Fence Tech and The Fence Show in 2023.

Mr. Fence (Shawn) never sleeps or at least not enough. He's come up with his latest idea - The Fence Games. He calls to tell Cannon about The Fence Games, what it looks like, when it will happen, and where it will happen. The Fence Games is a contested event that will include fence contestants from across the country jumping on stage to compete in various disciplines such as (digging holes, stretching wire, shooting pickets, and more)...



EXCLUSIVE Testimonial Episode #1 - Thornton Super Summit at the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort in Afton, Oklahoma - Speaker Testimonials with Nathan Downs of Radius Fence, Justin Judy with the ArcSite software, Nicole Henry with the CompanyCam software and the

Dan sits down after 2-1/2 days of intense business training classes with the Thornton Fence Consulting Group and interviews some of the speakers, sponsors, and attendees. If these testimonials don't have you wanting to invest in your business... ???? 1) https://linktr...



episode 44: MFLQA - The guys talk swimming pool code, project draws, post drivers, employee theft and different styles of fence building across the Nation

Dan and Cannon do a QandA in this week's episode. Shawn King calls in while Cannon releases the Breaking News about a New Jersey Township enforcing their pool code. They then answer questions about taking draws on large projects, the different types of post drivers available, employee theft, and why there are so many different styles of fences being built across the country. ???? 1) https://linktr...



Ask Me About My Day #9 with Ben Hodson the CEO of JobNimbus and what they've done to fix their Customer Service Dept

Ben gives Dan a call to update him on everything JobNimbus and a little more. They go into depth about their revised Customer Service Dept, new implemented one-on-one Fencing Territories for their sales people, and touches on ENGAGE, the latest in texting technology built within JobNimbus' already amazing software. ???? https://linktr...



Ask Me About My Day #8 "Private Line Insurance" Alex Harris calls Cannon after digging into a 12" culvert. !

Alex Harris of Fencing Unlimited (Birmingham, Alabama) calls Cannon to discuss how his newly implemented Private Utility/Line Insurance. A customer opted out of the insurance but failed to notify him of the 12" underground culvert running through his property. Listen to see how having the right process and procedures in place can save you some unwanted expenses! • https://linktr...



SPECIAL EVENT - FWA Ag Fence Committee Meets to Begin the Process of Creating Standards for the Ag Fence Industry

Bryan Frederickson hosts this meeting via zoom on July 23, 2022, at 3 pm Central. There are roughly a dozen guests who are mic'd and contribute to this call. This virtual round table was the first for the FWA Ag Fence committee. The committee is assembled for the sole purpose of bringing identity to the Ag Fence Community and also building and improving upon accepted standards and practices in the Ag Fence Industry. In this call, the team decides to begin this process with bracing...