Music On The Couch

Come sit on The Couch every Monday when I present "Musicians You Should Know". We cover Blues and Rock and Roll with occasional forays into Country/Roots and R&B. Each show we interview at least 3 guests and sometimes 4. Many of my past guests honor Music On The Couch by debuting new music before it is released. I have had the honor to present WORLD PREMIERS of a number of albums over the last year.

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Roast Beef Curtains & Elizabeth Tryon Sit On The Couch

OPENS THE SHOW - Because life is made up of more than one genre, we present Ms. Elizabeth Tryon, an engaging singer who has a classic feel for her music. With c


 18 May 2010  1h30m

Josh Charles & Zach Maxwell Sit On The Couch

OPENS THE SHOW - Zach Maxwell is a young up and comer. Solid guitar work in both acoustic and electric combined with a philosophy of writing his music allows th


 11 May 2010  1h30m

Jeff Krantz & Chad Hollister Sit On The Couch

OPENS THE SHOW - It was January 2007 when Jeff Krantz turned in his business suit for a life of rock and roll. Within a year he was named as a finalist for Male


 04 May 2010  1h30m

Pierre Lacocque of Mississippi Heat & Carrie Rodriguez Sit On The Couch

OPENS THE SHOW - Mississippi Heat emerged in 1991 on a night at the Cafe Lura in Chicago. Since then the band has built an incredible following. Veterans of the


 27 April 2010  1h30m

Chris Huff Sit On The Couch

Chris Huff joins us. Chris' last scheduled appearance was interrupted by his trip to the hospital. Well, he is recovering and we will let him lay down if neces


 20 April 2010  1h30m

Tristan Clopet Sits On The Couch

The Toronto-born Clopet started his musical career playing gigs in New York. A summer at Berklee College in Boston convinced him that music was the only thing h


 13 April 2010  1h0m

Brandon Santini Sits On The Couch

Vocalist / harmonica player Brandon Santini gave birth to Delta Highway back in 2003. They are now a staple in the Memphis area. I actually saw them two y


 06 April 2010  1h0m

Music On The Couch Roundtable

A panel discussion with four music aficionados covering where the music industry has come from, where it is now and where it is heading. Join me, along with


 30 March 2010  1h0m

Charlie Morris Sits On The Couch

Charlie Morris, guitar player extraordinaire will join us to talk about 'hopefully' his newest CD release. As I reviewed on The Big Leather Couch back in Jan


 23 March 2010  1h0m

Chris Hudgins Sits On The Couch

Our scheduled guest Chris Huff was taken ill just before showtime. Please say a prayer for his recovery. Chris Hudgins jumped in and we spent time talking t


 16 March 2010  45m