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56. Big Love 2 ‘Funk Night’ DJ Set (Disco Funk Version)

Funk/Disco/Soul/House.   On Saturday, June 17th, 2017, we hosted the 2nd Big Love party in North Vancouver. This time with a funk theme. This was one of ...


 23 June 2017  1h9m

55. Big Love Guest Mix - PipeDreams Valentines Mix

Modern Synth Pop/Deep House/Trance/Disco House. This is the third mix of a synth pop DJ video mix series recorded for a charity event in North Vancouver, ...


 05 April 2017  1h7m

54. Big Love - More Modern Synth Pop Mix

New Romantic/Pop/Vocal House/Indietronica. This is the second mix of a synth pop DJ video mix series recorded for a charity event in North Vancouver, called ...


 18 February 2017  49m

53. Big Love - Classic Synth Pop Mix

Synth Pop/New Romantics/Acid House/Old School. This mix was part of a two part video DJ mix put together for a charity event in North Vancouver ...


 16 February 2017  1h1m

52. Denon DJ Series - Disclosure Daft Punk Janet Jackson

Deep House/Tech House/Electronic/Pop. This is probably my best ever electronic/house mix in terms of mixing and technique. Pure house! I've been djing around half my ...


 23 September 2016  2h8m

51. The Black Kettle Sessions - Dreams of Biggie & Tupac - 12/02/16

Hip Hop/Old School/Electronica/Chilled. Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told meI'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above ...


 05 April 2016  1h13m

50. The Black Kettle Sessions - Snoop on Maars - 08/01/16

Hip Hop/Old School/Reggae/Funk. The 50th podcast! We made it. Here's some fun old school hip hop and funk to celebrate. Big influences are Snoop Dogg and ...


 02 March 2016  1h27m

49. The Black Kettle Sessions - Bukem & Goldie in High Contrast - 22/01/16

Drum N Bass/Ambient/Jazzy/Liquid. Some old school, jazzy, liquid, ambient drum n bass... The classics from the Bukem era from Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow featuring Intense, ...


 16 February 2016  1h41m

48. The Black Kettle Sessions - The Singularity is Near - 31/12/15

House/Deep House/Old School.This is heavily influenced by amazing old school house classics like Last Rhythm, USURA and Bassheads along with some great deep tracks from ...


 11 February 2016  1h3m

47. The Black Kettle Sessions - Gabriola Chillin’ - 31/12/15

Hip Hop/Rap/Old School/Chilled. This mix is all old school hip hop fun. It was inspired by a retreat to Gabriola island in beautiful British Columbia where ...


 04 February 2016  53m