Mr. Throwback Thursday

Join award winning hosts Bill Winters and Jamie Robinson, as they take you back to a time where hip-hop meant something. A time where you were not ashamed to say, "I AM HIP-HOP!" We are here every week to talk classic hip-hop, you should be too!

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Episode 305 – Chipmunk Cheeks

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! If I have said it once, I have said it 300 times, the show tells ME what the title should be. As I sit down to edit our 3 hours of jabbering down to less than 2 hours, the show’s title becomes clear. This week,



Episode 304 – Throwback Thanksgiving 5

Happy Throwback Thanksgiving, everyone! This week, Bill is back, and the boys cover everything from the UHHM to Murda. We discuss news about some of our favorite artists, and Bill reads some quality lyrics from a Professor. What is going on here?



Episode 303 – Cold Chillin’

Happy Throwback Thursday, everybody! This week, with Bill away, we make a call to the bullpen for our relief ace. Grandmaster T steps out of retirement and comes to the rescue. We also hang out with Ben Merlis,



Episode 302 – CGBMrTBT

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys start off with a late breaking Fresh in Peace, talk about all kinds of flavors of crazy, and throw around more letters than a box of Alpha-Bits. We cover a mini series posing as a biopic,



Episode 301 – One of the Best Yet

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys bring you everything from Utah break dancing, to brunch with Kanye, to new music from Kool Kim. We have a new Artist of the Month, and a Record of the Week that should come as no surprise to anyon...


 07 November 2019  1h55m

Episode 300 – Interlude 300

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! The Little Podcast That Could just hit episode 300! Thanks to all of you who have been riding with us. For the 300th time, we are here to bring you the latest in news, reviews, and interviews.


 31 October 2019  2h8m

Episode 299 – Regulated

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys celebrate new music from classic artists. They dig deep into some Gang Starr features. Then they take on Warren G’s claim that Regulate is a “top 5 rap song of all time”.


 24 October 2019  2h14m

Episode 298 – Keeping it Classic

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, the boys start off talking about babies, and end up talking about cake….and not one that you want to be eating. In between, we have a lot of news, a lot of music,


 17 October 2019  1h57m

Episode 297 – Gimme the Ball

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! This week, Bill gets hit by a car. No, that’s not the opening of a joke….some old lady ran into his ass! This would be tragic if he were injured, but since he was not…it’s just fun to tell people. So we have that,


 10 October 2019  1h56m

Episode 296 – Meanwhile…

You thought you knew what was going on. You thought I was going to say Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. You thought you had it all figured out. MEANWHILE…back at TBT Headquarters, Bill and Jamie were cooking up something special.


 03 October 2019  1h43m