Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World

Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World is the web's original modcast celebrating the music of the mod lifestyle, as well as mod-influenced music from past eras. You'll hear everything from power pop to rock, soul to ska, acid jazz to lounge, and whatever falls in between.One of the things which has impressed me most in life was the mod movement in England, which was an incredible, youthful thing." -- Pete Townshend, The Who, 1968 Catalogued here are the sights and sounds of mod as I understand it. Much will be familiar to other mods. I realize many narrow-minded people, mods and others, will look at much of this and dismiss it as not truly "mod." So be it. However you view it, I hope you enjoy exploring these sights and sounds as much as I did putting them together.

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