More Attention, Less Deficit

Practical information for adults with ADHD and those who care about them. Clear, understandable advice and strategies to help you get more done and live a better life, from psychologist and ADHD expert Dr. Ari Tuckman.

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Create Good Luck - More Attention, Less Deficit

You’re more likely to be in the right place at the right time by being in lots of places. And doing a good job. We’ll talk about how getting on top of your ADHD will make you more lucky.


 17 September 2014  7m

Fear of Failure - More Attention, Less Deficit

After too many setbacks and struggles, it’s tempting to want to avoid future failures. Sometimes we mask our fears with apathy, sometimes we even fear success. As easy as it is to fear failure, you don’t have to.


 11 June 2014  11m

Interview with Comedian Dave Kinney - More Attention, Less Deficit

Dave (@DaveKinney) is a comedian who talks about ADHD in his act and now also on my podcast. He shares how people respond to that and how it’s different from telling a boss or new girlfriend. We also talk about what it’s like to be a self-employed perf...


 02 March 2014  39m

The Importance of Paying Attention to Sex - More Attention, Less Deficit

A good sex life can be an important part of a couple’s happiness, yet it’s too easily neglected. ADHD doesn’t make it easier, but it’s also not the sole culprit. We’ll talk about how to create a better sex life and how both you and your partner will be...


 13 February 2014  10m

The Crucial Difference Between Facts and Opinions - More Attention, Less Deficit

Both facts and opinions are important to making good decisions, but sometimes they get confused and bad decisions result. This is especially relevant for the topic of ADHD that tends to attract too many opinions that are based on too few facts.


 21 January 2014  14m

Awareness, Honesty, and Willingness: The Three Keys to Success - More Attention, Less Deficit

In order to do something, you first need to be aware of it, then be honest with yourself about the need to do it, then be willing to do it. Separating it out into these three parts makes it easier to identify where things break down when a task isn’t d...


 08 June 2013  11m

Neurology Matters, But Psychology Matters More - More Attention, Less Deficit

Having ADHD tends to lead to certain kinds of experiences which makes certain mindsets more likely. We’ll talk about how to rise above that early learning and live a better life.


 21 March 2013  12m

The Real Lessons Learned from the CHADD Conference - More Attention, Less Deficit

This is the biggest ADHD event of the year, but I find that the connections with other attendees are more important than the new information that I learn.


 20 November 2012  8m

Complex Problems Require Sophisticated Thinking - More Attention, Less Deficit

It’s tempting to think that we can solve all of life’s problems with quick and easy solutions, but success usually requires more sophisticated thinking.


 24 October 2012  10m

A Guy Walks into a CHADD Conference. . . And So Should You! - More Attention, Less Deficit

CHADD conferences can be both enlightening and entertaining. Here are a bunch of funny reasons why you should go this year. Seriously.


 17 September 2012  10m