Mongoland Podcast

Melt into your melted mirror for an electrifying ride. Look deep into the black of Mongo's melting mirror eyes. See yourself reflecting him reflecting you reflecting him reflecting you until you melt together and sink deep into the other side. As you melt into Mongo's mirror, you lose yourself into the pool of liquid mirror, see into the looking glass, sink deep within its pool, and straddle the dimensions in time. I'll see you there ... along with my friends ... in Mongoland. A place for electronic dance music ... that you can listen to.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h58m. Bisher sind 38 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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144: Airdate 2017-12-16

Share this episode!New Music from Kompakt, Anjunadeep, Bonzai Progressive, Budenzauber, Parquet Recordings, City Life, Sincopat, Fokuz Recordings, Hospital Records, and more. Share this episode!


 22 December 2017  1h58m

143: Airdate 2017-12-09

Share this episode!As you may have guessed, no track listings in these latest episodes.  Not sure anyone ever looks at them.  If you care, drop me a line. Share this episode!


 11 December 2017  1h58m

142: Airdate 2017-12-02

Share this episode!Sorry for the giant hiatus folks.  With this episode I switch the numbering to correspond to the radio show’s episode numbering.  However, the recording is just the music, none of Mongo’s live voiceover,


 11 December 2017  1h58m

073: Echo Chamber by Ash Walker

Share this episode!            In this episode we feature the brand new release, Echo Chamber by Ash Walker, plus tracks from Traumtanz Vol. 15 – Deep Sound Icons, and Elfenstaub Vol. 20 – A Deep Electronic Journey Through Time & Space,


 17 May 2017  1h59m

072: Bonzai Progressive – ADE 2016, Affkt’s Son of a Thousand Sounds

Share this episode! Set 1: Affkt; Drum & Bass An Electronica intro from Affkt quickly gives way to set of pure Drum & Bass to open the show! Two tracks from Metrik’s Life/Thrills release out on Hospital Records,


 02 March 2017  2h8m

071: New Blood 016, Command Strange, Rain Dog

Share this episode!New Blood 016, Command Strange, Rain Dog               Set 1: New Blood 016, There Be Monsters We open the set with a track from New Blood 016, one of the featured releases in this episode.  Also, in the No. 5 slot,


 17 January 2017  2h10m

070: A Glance Behind

Share this episode!A Glance Behind                 In this episode we pause and take a glance behind.  A retrospective of sorts of some of the better tracks recently discerned in the daily effluent of new electronic music.  In other words,


 13 January 2017  2h2m

069: Paul2Paul, Enrico Sangiulliano, Matthias Springer

Share this episode!Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano, Matthias Springer.                           Set 1: Paul2Paul This set features the first of two tracks from one of three featured artists: Paul2Paul; Enrico Sangiulliano; Matthias Springer.


 05 January 2017  2h4m

068: Epic Intensity & Kompakt Total 16

Share this episode!I’m calling this set Epic Intensity because, this set truly kicked my own ass as I was broadcasting it.  Speaking of which, this version is straight music, with no talking over by me.  I’ll probably post an addendum to this which wil...


 21 September 2016  2h6m

067: Pure Electronica, Parra for Cuva, Cubicolor

Share this episode!This episode is pure electronica.  There are barely any featured artists, but there are a couple who are represented by more than one track: Parra for Cuva and Cubicolor.             Set 1: Pure Electronica: Cubicolor Opens Cubicolor...


 21 September 2016  1h58m