Come join Danny (MrMario2011) and Devin (Paranoid Coder) talk about modding, exploiting, a bit of game/console hacking, and everything in between!

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episode 46: ModChat 055 - LineageOS on Switch, Mariko Released, Final Live Episode w/ Modern Vintage Gamer

switchroot's port of LineageOS to the Nintendo Switch is finally out in the wild! In this episode of ModChat we discuss our thoughts and experiences with Android on the Switch. We also discuss the long awaited Mariko revision of the Switch, which finally...


 15 August 2019  4h2m

episode 45: ModChat 054 - PPSSPP for Switch, JSRF MP, Super Mario 64 Decompiled

This episode of ModChat has us looking into quite a few emulation related topics. One of the first being the PPSSPP standalone port releasing for Switch! We also look into news of RetroArch coming to Steam, a Jet Set Radio Future game for PC being built ...


 25 July 2019  2h23m

episode 44: ModChat 053 - PS4 Homebrew Developments, MegaSD, Android for Switch

This episode of ModChat has us showcasing some awesome community efforts from the PS4 homebrew scene. Some of which include a brand new Linux emulator, a historical PS4 project, and several impressive homebrew titles which have released! We also give our...


 27 June 2019  2h35m

episode 43: ModChat 052 - PS3HEN Release, PS Vita 3.70 Trinity Release, Ruby Interpreter for Switch

On this episode of ModChat we're delving into a couple of huge releases which graced the PS3 and PS Vita scenes! First up is PS3HEN, a homebrew enabler for the PlayStation 3 compatible with ALL models running 4.84 HFW! Secondly, TheFloW released his thir...


 15 May 2019  2h5m

episode 42: ModChat 051 - PS Vita 3.70 PSA, Nintendo Censors Homebrew Videos, PS3Xploit on 4.84

On this episode of ModChat we go over a bit of everything from teaser announcements, to YouTube developments, and of course the latest releases in the modding scene! TheFloW has given the public an "eta wen" as well as more details for an upcoming PS Vit...


 18 April 2019  2h5m

episode 41: ModChat 050 - Vita Homebrew Games, Switch Controllers on Chrome, PS4 6.20 WebKit Release

50 episodes into ModChat, crazy! We definitely plan to touch base on this milestone, but we of course have to have our modding topics as well. Some of this episode's topics include highlighting a few awesome Vita homebrew games from VitaHEX, a new GTA pa...


 21 March 2019  2h10m

episode 40: ModChat 049 - PSXitarch Linux, modoru Vita Downgrader, PS3 4.84 Update

A slower news month this time around, but still some awesome releases and news to cover regardless! In this episode we discuss the teased progress of homebrew coming on PS Vita firmware 3.70, PSXITA releasing their own distribution of Linux for the PS4, ...


 21 February 2019  1h43m

episode 39: ModChat 048 - RetroArch Xbox One, Modding Ban in Japan, reF00D for PS Vita

New year, new month, new episode! Over 4 years of ModChat going strong now! In this episode we discuss RetroArch being ported to 3 consoles, an amendment which could throw a wrench in the modding scene in Japan, and the release of reF00D for the PS Vita!...


 31 January 2019  1h35m

episode 38: ModChat 047 - PlayStation Classic Mods, Nintendo vs. Soulja Boy, Drunk End of the Year Q&A!

A light month for topics this time around due to the third annual end of the year celebration of making this a big Q&A session! For the most part we normally start these with no topics in mind and focus everything on what the audience wants us to talk ab...


 20 December 2018  2h42m

episode 37: ModChat 046 - PS4 HDMI-CEC Code Execution, Legal DRM Exemptions, PCSX ReARMed in PlayStation Classic

More news coming out of the Fail0verflow camp with a new write-up detailing possible code execution on all current PS4 hardware models thanks to the console's HDMI-CEC features! We also discuss several new legal changes towards the way DRM can be broken ...


 15 November 2018  2h34m