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#28 With Love From The Heart

Even after you break up with someone, they’ll always be part of you. We're featuring an episode on jealousy from The Heart.


 19 October 2016  22m

#27 Work in Progress

I’ve always heard you shouldn’t meet your heroes because they might not live up to your expectations. But is there something to be gained from getting real?


 05 October 2016  22m

#26 Werner

Time capsules come in many forms. When you stumble upon one, you never know what part of your former self you’ll remember.


 21 September 2016  20m

#25 Must Love Podcasts

The Hiring Process


 08 September 2016  30m

#24 Will Work for Free

Unpaid Internships


 17 August 2016  32m

#23 Systems Check

When you sprint toward your career for years and you finally get there, how do you prevent yourself from burning out? How do you pace yourself?


 03 August 2016  29m

#22 Screw It, I’m Going Outside

It’s summer and I want to go outside. So I shut down my computer and go off on an expedition to understand an unknown world unfolding right under my nose — The Poké-world.


 20 July 2016  26m

#21 Moving Out

When you move back home with your parents it’s hard to feel like you’re growing up. But what really makes you an adult? And what if parenting an adult child is just as confusing as being your 20s?


 06 July 2016  24m

#20 Haves and Have-Mores

After college, I thought everyone was on equal footing. But that’s not always the case. How do you come to terms with your own financial status when your close friends are living lives you can’t afford?


 22 June 2016  30m

#19 Message in a Bottle

Look around the Internet and you'll see people sharing intimate thoughts and bearing their souls -- including me. Why do we feel more comfortable publishing the secrets of our lives online -- but keep them from the people who are closest to us?


 07 June 2016  25m