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The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do (Robert Wright & John Bargh)

John's book on unconscious motivations, Before You Know It ... Why thinking about the flu makes you more opposed to immigration ... Are ethnic and gender stereotypes self-fulfilling prophecies? ... The Protestant work ethic as a core part of American psychology ... Don’t resist temptations. Avoid them! ... How to use an "implementation intention" to get things done ... How have John’s famous lever-pulling experiments held up over time? ... Is the "replication crisis" really a crisis? ...


 12 October 2018  1h17m

What Social Media Is Doing to Us (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Lauren Oyler)

What is it about social media that's so depressing? ... Twitter, the unpopular website that elites love ... Is what happens on social media real or fake? ... Is @laurenoyler the same as Lauren Oyler? ... How everything in life became "toxic" ... Do all online communities eventually become toxic? ... The moral challenge of social media ...


 11 October 2018  55m

Enlightened Enough for Now (Robert Wright & Lama Surya Das)

Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion? ... Surya Das: "I'm enlightened enough for now" ... Attachment, aversion, and "original goodness" ... Is an enlightened person by definition a moral person? ... Not-self and Emerson's "transparent eyeball" ... The Dzogchen approach to enlightenment ... Surya Das: Trump has the spark of Buddha nature (and so do you) ...


 05 October 2018  1h18m

Our Homebodies, Ourselves (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Kaitlyn Tiffany)

The hot new trend of being a homebody ... Social, economic, and technological reasons young people are staying in ... The surprisingly controversial topic of skincare ... Millennials using apps to order food delivered by Millennials ... Netflix and chill and take Instagram selfies wearing sheet masks ... Is being a homebody the modern way to go to Walden Pond? ...


 30 September 2018  36m

The Aesthetics of Politics (Daniel Kaufman & Crispin Sartwell)

Crispin’s essay on the politics of geography and representation ... Why did rural Americans feel that Trump’s victory was their victory? ... Is “one person, one vote” a wrong-headed view of political representation? ... Where political representation meets art and aesthetics ... Can Americans' interests be represented accurately? ... Is being from a rural area akin to being a racial minority? ... What does our current system of political representation get right or wrong? ...


 27 September 2018  1h11m

The Crisis in the Catholic Church (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Christopher White)

The new sex abuse crisis enveloping the Catholic Church ... An explosive letter claims Pope Francis helped a known abuser ... The allegations against the powerful Archbishop McCarrick ... What does #MeToo reveal about the Church? ... Assessing Archbishop Viganò's accusations against Francis ... Can Francis implement real reforms? ...


 21 September 2018  36m

Mind-Body Problems, and Psychedelic Tales (Nikita Petrov & John Horgan)

John's new book, Mind-Body Problems, is free online ... "What are we really, what can we be, and what should we be?" ... Robert Trivers, an evolutionary biologist with an affinity for violence ... Douglas Hofstadter, a playful writer, but a melancholic person ... Why ex-materialist Christof Koch embraced panpsychism ... How losing a daughter made Stuart Kaufman study the paranormal ... Story time! Nikita and John exchange psychedelic tales ...


 20 September 2018  1h32m

Neuroexistentialism (Robert Wright & Gregg Caruso)

What is neuroexistentialism? ... Neuroscience, free will, and existentialism ... The ‘compatibilist’ claim that free will and determinism can co-exist ... To define “free will,” first redefine “agency” ... Why the importance of luck should make us doubt intuitions about free will ... Moral responsibility and the Nazi war criminal thought experiment ... Does Gregg’s personality predispose him to reject retribution? ...


 11 September 2018  55m

The Beauty Suit (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Lauren Shields)

Lauren's new book on her experiment with dressing modestly, The Beauty Suit ... Lauren's unusual path to the seminary ... Alternative readings of Quranic verses on female modesty ... Christianity, conspicuous consumption, and the Amish ... Jewish women who cover their hair with wigs that look just like their hair ... Makeup trends that only look good on social media ... Why cultural appropriation is often rooted in misogyny ... Lauren's advice for men ...


 05 September 2018  1h4m

The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity (Robert Wright & K. Anthony Appiah)

Anthony's new book, The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity ... Anthony's own unusual identity ... Cosmopolitanism and its discontents ... Patriotism, nationalism, and "legitimate forms of partiality" ... Against essentialism in religion ... The invention of the idea of a national spirit ... Who owns the culture? ... How class conflict has changed in the US and UK ...


 31 August 2018  1h33m