Maximum Power Up

A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.

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Episode 88: Microsoft XBox

In November 2001 Microsoft released their first console into a market that was changing. Sega's Dreamcast had failed so they left the market. However Microsoft knew how to make an entrance! From the off they set out to do things differently. With a...


 10 June 2019  2h33m

Episode 87: Super Mario Brothers The Movie

Join Chris, Phil and Aaron as they take a trip to the movies. In what’s hopefully a first of many movies based on games episodes the crew take a look at 1993’s Super Mario Bros The Movie. We take you through the movie, offer our thoughts and what...


 08 May 2019  1h14m

Episode 86: Top Ten Games Magazines Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Top 10 Games Mags. These are the final 5 magazines that have been voted by our listeners on Twitter, Facebook and more. Paul sits down with a guest from each magazine again to discuss their memories and thoughts of each...


 09 April 2019  2h50m

Episode 86: Top Ten Games Magazines Part 2

Following on from part one of the Top 10 Games Magazines from last month. Paul sits down with several guests to discuss the final five magazines that made the list. Obviously with so many magazines from over the years a lot missed the top 10 but we...


 07 April 2019  2h3m

Episode 85: Top 10 Games Magazines Part 1

Games magazines have always been a popular part of gaming. Although there aren't too many around these days, in the 80's & 90's there were loads to choose from. In January we asked our listener's to tell us their 5 fave games mags. Obviously there...


 24 March 2019  2h37m

Episode 84: Video Pinball

Chris Smith Mk. 2 takes the reins for this episode looking at some highlights from the history of bringing pinball to the world of video games. Chris is joined by Phil, and our hosts discuss their favourite pinball games and some notable...


 07 February 2019  1h43m

Episode 83: Dave Upchurch Interview

In this episode Paul interviews Dave Upchurch. Starting his career at EMAP on popular 90's magazine ACE he soon was moved to The One Amiga where he became the magazines editor. At the time the Amiga was going from strength to strength with games...


 21 January 2019  3h17m

Episode 82: Batman

Witness Phil using powers that rival those of the World’s Greatest Detective, as he supervises the first joint appearance of Chris Smith original and Chris Smith redux on a journey through the highs and lows of the caped-crusader’s video game...


 23 December 2018  1h22m

Episode 81: Farewell GamesMaster Magazine

In October this year it was announced that after almost 26 years GamesMaster magazine would be ending. A mainstay on magazine racks for so long the mag had many great writers over the years. From the SNES, Mega Drive and Amiga in the early days, it...


 04 December 2018  1h20m

Episode 80: Geoff Glendenning Interview

In this episode Paul sits down with Geoff Glendenning to discuss his career in games marketing. Spending over a decade working in advertising and then onto marketing for companies such as Commodore, Acclaim but most importantly Sony gave us...


 13 November 2018  1h57m