Love That Album

Podcast discussing a variety of great albums from the rock, jazz or folk genres in some depth.

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 14 September 2019  26m

episode 95: Love That Album Podcast Episode 126 - Nuggets box set

As lovers of pop and rock music, we probably all have favourite bands or performers from the Sixties era: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Who, The Beach Boys etc etc. Wonderful acts all worthy of our attention. There's a problem....and it...


 28 August 2019  2h16m

episode 94: Love That Album podcast Episode 125 - Terry Reid "Seed of Memory"

We here at LTA HQ don’t want any favouritism amongst your podcast choices. We just want to be treated right…or rite. Welcome to episode 125 of Love That Album Podcast. I’m joined by host of the brilliant Supporting Characters podcast Bill Ackerman to tal...


 29 July 2019  1h49m

episode 93: Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 59 - All The Country Ladies

As the Northern Hemisphere enter the humid wasteland that is the end of July into August, it is time once again for a round up of recent country artists to listen to while drinking beer at dusk. Eric has his recent tattooed, too fast for love, Outlaw Cou...


 19 July 2019  25m

episode 92: Love That Album podcast Episode 124 - Todd Rundgren's "Something Anything"

Hello….it’s Love That Album. Todd Rundgren must have shares in a millinery, because he wears a lot of hats. Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, video producer, (it can be argued) comedian…….He doesn’t do anything by half-measures. Rundgren start...


 27 June 2019  1h34m

episode 91: Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 58 - Roky's Bangles

It's time to take a trip... back to the Psychedelic 80s??  Okay, there is a bit of 60s and a bit of 70s, but we have to pay respects at the temples of mind madness as we exalt the Head Tripper and Nightmare interpreter Roky Erickson, as his time has ende...


 17 June 2019  20m

episode 89: Love That Album Podcast Episode 123 - The Kinks "Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One"

Love That Album is baaaaaaack. For the second time in the show’s history, The Kinks are the focus of the program (look for Episode 31 back in October 2012 where I was joined by the wonderful Ben Eisen to talk about Something Else). For episode 123, film ...


 23 May 2019  1h37m

episode 90: Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 57 - Surf or Astro-Surf

It's back to the 90s Beach time with Man Or Astro-man...    Eric looks back at the era of flashing SciFi, SpyFi instro madness. Gasp at the .. ok not gasp.... smile and bob your head to  Hi Energy Surf Rock as only the 90s could provide...    Specificall...


 12 May 2019  16m

episode 88: Love That Album Podcast Episode 122 - Squeeze "Argybargy"

Hey all you cool cats and mussel pullers….I hope you can be tempted to squeeze in some time to listen to episode 122 of Love That Album Podcast. For this month’s episode, I am joined again by guitarist Shane Pacey to talk about Squeeze. This is the band ...


 22 March 2019  1h35m

episode 87: Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 56 - Doo Wop & 50s Rock

Eric Reanimator is back for another episode of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition. For episode 56, he wants to talk with you about two superb box sets from Rhino Records (the Criterion of CD reissue labels). Firstly, Eric discusses the vocal wonder...


 18 March 2019  22m