The Love Good Podcast with Jimmy Mitchell

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The creative process | S3E6 with Stephen Day

We are so excited to welcome singer/songwriter Stephen Day onto the podcast. He’s not only the former tour mate of our longtime friend Scott Mulvahill, he’s also a rising star in the world of independent music. Today, he shares about the creative process...



Build your life around the essentials | S3E5 with Dr. Ryan Hanning

Dr. Ryan Hanning is back, this time not as a guest but as a regular contributor. For those who missed him in season two, he's a husband to one, father to nine, brilliant scholar, and humble homesteader. Today, he and Jimmy talk about how true happiness i...



Brave enough to stay hungry | S3E4 with Tommy Killackey and Lauren Jameson

To live is to change. To become perfect is to change often. How do you remain a life-long apprentice, always hungry to close the gap between who you are and who you want to be? This week, Tommy and Lauren provide the answers in an intimate conversation w...



Tend your garden well | S3E3 with Andrew Peterson

Welcome to S3E3 with Andrew Peterson! He's one of Nashville's most respected and beloved artists. This week, he and Jimmy share their superhero powers of choice, unpack Chesterton's notion of magic, and celebrate the humility of being faithful to the gar...



episode 60: Further up and further in | S3E2 with Fr. Ryan Adorjan

You can't have good culture without good people. Not only is this true of family and friends, it's true of the people we bring onto the podcast each week. Fr. Ryan Adorjan is a previous guest from season one, long-time patron (in no small part because of...



The world needs your dreams | S3E1 with Marie Miller

The Love Good Podcast is BACK!! After a few months off, we are so excited to kick off season three with an old friend who just so happens to be a crazy talented singer/songwriter: Marie Miller. This week, she and Jimmy sit down to talk about the little d...


 15 October 2019  41m

Don't resist who you are | Bonus episode with The Rough & Tumble

Imagine being a wandering pilgrim, never certain where your head is going to rest at night but confident that you have a gift to share with the world. This is the life of Scott and Mallory from The Rough & Tumble. Like them, you are unique and unrepeatab...


 20 August 2019  31m

Badminton stars turned folk duo | Bonus episode with The Hussey Brothers

Ever wanted to know how it feels to be a world champion badminton player? Or what it's like falling in love with your future wife on a Caribbean island? Welcome to the soundtrack of Quinn and Sean Hussey's life together as brothers. This week, Jimmy laug...


 23 July 2019  37m

Beauty defies genres | Bonus episode featuring the 2019 Summer Mixtape

Drew Holcomb, Penny & Sparrow, Dave Barnes, The H…


 11 June 2019  25m

Why vulnerability is so human | Bonus Episode with Zander

In this episode, Jimmy sits down with reggae sing…


 14 May 2019  31m