Look What I Made - DIY indie music podcast with Kevin Pike

DIY music recording techniques for a variety of genres from composer and home recording artist Kevin Pike (kpikemusic.com)


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Episode 76 - Out of the Plains

This piece combines hurdy gurdy with baritone sax, alto sax and drums.


 13 March 2016  15m

Episode 75 - Magic

A piece about the truly magical events in your life, featuring saxophone, music box, fireworks and kids playing percussion instruments


 01 March 2016  8m

Episode 74 - Green Sky

This piece evokes the power of a storm in the great plains, complete with tornado sirens, rain, thunder and wind.


 06 February 2016  12m

Episode 73 - A Walk in the Nonlinear Matrix

A piece about the ever-changing landscape due to population sprawl, combining field recordings of a residential neighborhood with traditional instruments


 02 February 2016  11m

Episode 72 - 21st Century Ambition

contemporary composition based on the rhythmic patterns of water draining from a pipe


 29 April 2015  11m

Episode 71 - Click

contemporary piece featuring a popcorn tin, alto sax, melodica, bari sax and typewriter


 11 October 2014  10m

Episode 70 - Funky Junkie

The story behind my weird classic Funky Junkie


 25 July 2014  12m

Episode 69 - Turning and Turning

Contemporary Classical composition using 12-tone row


 03 June 2014  5m

Episode 68 - Demons in Your Head

indie pop experiment with combining 2 parts in different tempos


 30 March 2014  7m

Episode 67 - Life is... Suite

5 movement DIY jazz+rock suite


 29 September 2013  17m