Literary Treks: A Star Trek Books and Comics Podcast

Literary Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors.

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episode 290: Give Me All the Spock

Discovery: Aftermath. We talk about the surprise return of Kor, Spock's coming to terms with the aftermath of season two of Discovery, L'Rell's ability to play politics, The Shadows of Kahless, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings for the trilo



episode 289: 289: It is Better to Heal Than to Harm

David Mack: Lost Souls. We talk about the genesis of this epic story, the various character issues that are confronted, Picard's link to the Borg and how it has affected him these many years, Erika Hernandez's part in the story, hope vs. fear, the origin



episode 288: The Golden Girls in Space

Mere Mortals. We discuss the Enterprise and Aventine's attempts to scout the subspace tunnels, the plight of the Titan crew, Captain Hernandez's experiences with the Caeliar, President Bacco's attempts to win the Federation allies in their struggle agains



episode 287: Fear Usually Leads to Chaos

Gods of Night. We talk about the mystery of the Columbia, the actions of the MACOs that led to her destruction, the mysterious Caeliar, Picard & Crusher's story, Riker & Troi on the Titan, an emotional moment for one of the Voyager crew, the cliffhanger e



episode 286: The Wrong Thing for the Right Reason

David Mack: Collateral Damage. We talk about wrapping up the loose ends of Tezwa, the inspiration for the Nausicaans' plight, the unique literary devices used in this novel, a Starfleet Intelligence spin-off, Worf's development as a character, Lieutenant


 27 October 2019  1h43m

episode 285: Those Bloody Mind Control Revolts!

Larry Nemecek: Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We talk about differences between the film and the novel, the persistent "Alan Dean Foster myth," Kirk's subtextual relationship with Spock, the story from Veejur's perspective, Decker's ultimate fate, and wra


 20 October 2019  1h44m

episode 284: Smoothing Over the Rough Edges of Canon

Greater Than the Sum. We talk about Lieutenant T'Ryssa Chen, Christopher Bennett's amazing ability to "fix" glitches in Star Trek continuity, a star cluster filled with strange new worlds, an old friend named Hugh, a plan to destroy the Borg once and for


 06 October 2019  1h23m

episode 283: Everyone's Tilting at Windmills

Vendetta. We talk about Picard's mysterious connection to a woman with a vendetta, the horrors of a Borg attack, Geordi's quixotic role in the novel, new types of Borg, Picard's rival, the Doomsday Machine, the theme of Vendetta, how this book compares to


 29 September 2019  1h30m

episode 282: And Then Wonder Woman Shows Up!

Aaron Harvey: The Official Guide to the Animated Series. We discuss Aaron's passion for the animated adventures of Star Trek, how he and co-author Rich Schepis got the job of creating this guide, the process of putting the book together, the layout of the


 21 September 2019  1h26m

episode 281: The Next Evolutionary Step of the Borg

Before Dishonor. We talk about the newly-evolved Borg, Seven of Nine's role in the story, Ambassador Spock, unexpected actions taken by Picard's crew, the Doomsday Machine, Admiral Janeway's fate, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.


 15 September 2019  1h34m