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Linux Action News 134

We share Mozilla's concerns over Contract for the Web, and try out Kali Linux's new tricks.



Linux Action News 133

Google, Mozilla, and GitLab make serious upgrades to their bug bounty programs, insights into Debian's renewed systemd debate, and how Microsoft and IBM are working together to fight patent trolls.



Linux Action News 132

Docker's surprising news, new nasty Intel vulnerabilities, and why Brave 1.0 changes the game.



Linux Action News 131

Google steps up support for older Chromebooks, Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux, and the App Defense Alliance teams up to fight Android malware.



Linux Action News 130

Fedora arrives from the future, the big players line up behind KernelCI, and researchers claim significant vulnerabilities in Horde.


 04 November 2019  26m

Linux Action News 129

GNOME decides to fight, Ubuntu's desktop director steps down, GitLab backs off their telemetry plans, and we've got the data on Google's Project Treble.


 28 October 2019  42m

Linux Action News 128

A new Ubuntu has promise, Linux on Dex is dead, and our strong reaction to Google pulling two open-source apps from the Play Store.


 21 October 2019  26m

Linux Action News 127

Richard Stallman's GNU leadership is challenged by an influential group of maintainers, SUSE drops OpenStack "for the customer," and Google claims Stadia will be faster than a gaming PC.


 14 October 2019  27m

Linux Action News 126

Microsoft's CEO says Windows doesn't matter anymore, but do we buy it? Nextcloud 17 goes enterprise-grade and the Internet’s horrifying new method for installing Google apps on Huawei phones.


 07 October 2019  26m

Linux Action News 125

CentOS Stream and 8 have a lot for us to talk about, Docker's struggles go public, and the GNOME Foundation is facing a patent fight.


 30 September 2019  21m