Pausefully: Mindfulness Conversations

This podcast explores creative approaches to being thoughtful, mindful and emotionally attuned. In other words: Living life as a creative process.

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Sharon Salzberg: The process of mindful change

In this conversation, Sharon Salzberg talks about how mindfulness helps us gain clarity on what we want to change, why we do what we do, and other aspects of the process of mindful change. Sharon Salzberg is a pioneer in the field of meditation,



Salvador Moreno-Lopez: How to use the bodily felt sense

In this talk, Salvador Moreno-Lopez describes a journey of discoveries and surprises: “How I found that using my bodily felt sense helps me orient in my daily life and my work, with much more certainty and precision than I would using only logic and re...


 01 July 2019  35m

Seth Zuiho Segall: Mindfulness in context

In this conversation, we talk about putting mindfulness and Buddhism in context — the contexts in which they evolved, and in which they are currently practiced in the Western world.  Audio only: Seth Zuiho Segall is a Zen priest in the White Plum Asan...


 01 June 2019  37m

Judith Blackstone: The embodiment of fundamental consciousness

In this conversation, Judith Blackstone describes the experience of living within one’s body and uncovering a fundamental dimension of consciousness pervading one’s body and environment as a unity.  She explains how this experience deepens our sense of...


 05 April 2019  33m

Terry Marks-Tarlow: Embodied creativity & the courage to face uncertainty

Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, has been a practicing clinician since 1985 and a practicing yogini since 1979. She specializes in deep transformation and issues surrounding creative production and believes that all effective psychotherapy is inherently creati...


 01 March 2019  42m

Marjorie Rand: What Sustains Me

Movement has been important to Marjorie Rand for al her life, personally and professionally. in this conversation, she talks about an accident that refocused her. Marjorie L Rand Ph.D. has had a private practice of Integrative Body Psychotherapy i...


 01 March 2019  32m

Shinzen Young about embodiment, mindfulness, and the future of science

In this conversation, Shinzen Young talks about embodiment, mindfulness, and the future of science… and the natural connection between these. Hope you enjoy. Audio only: Shinzen Young is an American mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consult...


 01 February 2019  38m

Jeff Warren: Being Human Takes Practice

Jeff Warren talks about exploring consciousness from the perspective of how to live a more fulfilled life… approaching this exploration with a spirit of adventure. Audio only: Jeff Warren is a writer and meditation instructor.


 01 January 2019  34m

Jeffrey Morrison: What it is like to be Focusing

Focusing is a mindful process of inner exploration. In this conversation, Jeffrey Morrison shares what it is like to be Focusing based on a recent Focusing session. This is of interest to Focusers, but also to non-Focusers who are curious about the pro...


 01 December 2018  36m

Alice K. Ladas: What Sustains Me

Alice’s creativity and vitality have always been amazing. As a pioneering therapist, researcher and feminist, she put the G Spot on the map of public consciousness. At 97, she maintains a private practice as a psychologist in New Mexico.


 24 November 2018  13m