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Maria Toorpakai - disguised as a boy to become Pakistan's top squash player

How Maria Toorpakai went from being a girl, disguised as a boy in traditional Wazir society, to become Pakistan's top female squash player.


 21 March 2016  13m

Aged care robots

Robots can have therapeutic benefits and improve independence for some elderly people but there are deep ethical issues around the use of machines for personal care and nursing. 


 21 March 2016  27m

Surviving a heart attack

Sixty-two percent of people survive a cardiac arrest in Seattle compared to only nine percent in Australia. Not enough of us are trained in cardiac first aid.


 20 March 2016  10m

Maria Toorpakai

As a four year old girl, in Taliban-ruled South Waziristan, Maria Toorpaki saw a ball going up into the sky near her house. She hid and watched men playing volleybal, fascinated.


 20 March 2016  19m

Finding a 'forever family' for Australia's foster children

Finding a 'forever family' for Australia's 40 000 foster children is more complicated than it should be. Why?


 20 March 2016  24m

Freetown fashionistas - street-style in Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone is one of the poorest places on earth. But when it comes to fashion it's a town with serious swagger.


 17 March 2016  9m

Lyndsey Clark's legacy for her daughter

Newcastle mother Lyndsey Clark is dying of breast cancer. To help her daughter Nya through the process, she's written a book. It will soon be published more widely to help other children.


 17 March 2016  15m

Writer Augusten Burroughs reveals the brutal reality of his New York love life.

Writer Augusten Burroughs applies his caustic wit to his own chequered love life in his new book.


 17 March 2016  17m

If you take a personality test in a job interview - what are they testing for?

A recent survey in the U.S revealed 39% of companies use personality tests in their hiring process.


 16 March 2016  17m

Should the charity sector in Australia have 'glass pockets'?

The Shane Warne Foundation's original charitable purpose was to help sick and underprivileged children.


 16 March 2016  15m