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Georgiana Molloy - rebel colonial spirit and pioneering botanist

Imagine it’s 1828 and you're a 24 year old young woman living away from your family in Scotland.


 30 March 2016  18m

Living with the enemy

Enemy is a daughter's story of how her father brought the Vietnam war home


 30 March 2016  16m

Cost of living pressures squeeze the international student market

International students are an important revenue source for Australian universities but the cost of studying here is high and students face a poor standard of living.


 30 March 2016  17m

Shtum - inside the world of a boy with autism through the eyes of his father

What if your child can’t speak – perhaps won’t ever speak and even the most basic of functions like going to the toilet may be beyond them, how might that be?


 29 March 2016  19m

The forgotten fathers

The trauma of forced adoptions for birth mothers is well documented but the impact on birth fathers is not. How do fathers fare when babies are adopted out? They can be the forgotten characters in the story; both in the initial adoption and when seeking t


 29 March 2016  33m

Jerusalem syndrome

Pilgrims and tourists travelling to Jerusalem - where the story of the crucifixion actually took place - have to watch out for something called "Jerusalem Syndrome". But what is it?


 28 March 2016  14m

Good Morning Mr Mandela

What might it take for you to change your mind? Or your set of beliefs? Zelda la Grange is an Afrikaner woman who grew up in apartheid South Africa. Racism was part of her upbringing. Zelda became the Private Secretary for Nelson Mandela, a role that woul


 28 March 2016  20m

Gloria Steinem talks about the turning points that led her to feminism.

Gloria Steinem talks about the turning points that led her to feminism.


 28 March 2016  17m

Gumnuts speak to generations of Australians

The early life of artist May Gibbs whose bushland creatures are Australian classics.


 23 March 2016  10m

Lived experience mental health

Peer support helps patients navigate the mental health system and recover.


 23 March 2016  9m