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Single Sikhs seek mate for marriage

Indian Wedding Race traces two Sikh families as they navigate the mating maze in their quest to find a husband or wife for their sons and daughters. The documentary screens as part of the Untold Australia series on SBS on Wednesday night.


 12 April 2016  8m

Young adults staying at home longer

Across the western world there's a trend for young adults to stay at home longer or to leave and move back in much later in life. Is this good news for parents or too close for comfort?


 12 April 2016  19m

Don't send me that pic: girls speak out about porn pressure

Girls are tired of being targetted for sexting and on-line bullying


 12 April 2016  16m

Mrs Ethel Livesey - Australia's greatest imposter

Mrs Ethel Livesey - fraudster, forty aliases, eight official marriages - she scandalised Australian society in 1945.


 11 April 2016  17m

Finding Eliza

The story of Eliza Fraser, the white woman captured by the Butchulla people off the Queensland coast in 1836 has long fascinated writer and academic Professor Larissa Behrendt.


 11 April 2016  18m

Would the "Nordic model" for the sex industry work in Australia?

Criminalising clients of the sex industry rather than sex workers is a legal approach known as the "Nordic model". It began in Sweden, and has now been adopted in several countries in Europe. In France, clients face heavy fines and compulsory re-educati


 11 April 2016  11m

Farmers vs coal mines - the tragic story of George Bender

There is a battle going on in rural Australia between farmers and miners. Coal seam gas plants are springing up in pastures which usually grow cattle, cotton and grain. For Queensland cotton farmer George Bender this battle came at the cost of his life.


 08 April 2016  21m

Will we ever be rid of common viruses like the flu?

Will we ever be rid of common viruses like the flu?


 08 April 2016  23m

The first 'plus size' male models

The first 'plus-size' male models are now being hired. But as the average Australian man weighs over 85kg, are they simply normal-sized blokes?


 07 April 2016  9m

Less childcare hours for non-working parents

Do disadvantaged children need more, not less, hours of subsidized childcare?


 07 April 2016  16m