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The original Bronson

The search to discover what happened to the actor who played 'Bronson' in season one of Round the Twist.


 26 August 2016  21m

Can Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation change the brain?

Can Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation be the key to addressing some effects of autism on individuals?


 26 August 2016  10m

John Elder Robison: switched on and looking into people's souls

Imagine all your senses ramping up to full volume in a single moment - this is what happened to John Elder Robison. Aware of his lack of ability to read emotional cues due to Asperger's syndrome he took part in a neurostimulation technique called Transcra


 26 August 2016  23m

Childcare workers behaving badly

A comedy set in a childcare centre where the workers play up more than the children.


 25 August 2016  14m

East West Street

Barrister, international lawyer and author Philippe Sand on how he discovered the story of his own family's murder by the Nazis during World War Two and the subsequent efforts of Jewish legal minds to sow the seeds for human rights law at the Nuremberg tr


 25 August 2016  36m

Talking with Tracey - your feedback

Your emails, posts and calls in response to the stories we've aired


 24 August 2016  5m

The keyring that supports refugees

How a keyring-making craft scheme and the UNHCR provide employment, connections and empowerment for refugee women.


 24 August 2016  8m

Stolen Legacy - Nazi Theft and the Quest for Justice at Krausenstrasse 17-18 Berlin

Dina Gold's quest to reclaim her family's property in Germany, stolen by the Nazis


 24 August 2016  23m

Should toys be gender neutral?

Meet the woman helping Australia change the way we view gender roles and play for kids.


 24 August 2016  17m

From Iran, via Turkey to a new life in Australia

Dr Kooshyar Karimi is a doctor, an inventor and a father who came to Australia after fleeing the Iran with his wife and two daughters.


 23 August 2016  14m