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Australia's longest running theatre company delivering grassroots arts to Goulburn

How do you connect with the people in your community? Have you even considered amateur theatre? The NSW country town of Goulburn is the home of Australia's longest running theatre company, established in 1981. Today, it delivers community arts to the lo



Libby Trickett on life after swimming

At one point, Libby Trickett was the fastest female swimmer in the world, but by 28 she was forced to retire after an injury. So, what next? How are you supposed to start a whole new life after three Olympic Games and countless medals? She's written a



When your body can't keep up with your dreams

Chloe Bayliss didn't set out to be an actor, but her dream of becoming a ballerina abruptly came to an end when she was diagnosed with lupus. She shares her inspirational story of hitting rock bottom and having to get back up, choose a new dream, and ke



Life In 500 Words: Hang gliding with 'vermin'

Farmers used to view wedge-tailed eagles as vermin who killed their sheep. When Bruno Wright was a boy, he'd see dead eagles strung up on fences in rural NSW. Now, Bruno glides with them.



Talkback: How has your order of birth shaped the person you've become?

Younger children are more free spirited, firstborns are extremely conscientious and middle children are desperate for attention. Most of us have, at some point in our lives, had our personality explained through our position in the family. But how true



Weekend Life Matters: lifting weights for good bones, Backflip 7, diverse life saving, indigenous entrepreneurs, and cafes offer repair

Bone health from weightlifting, Backflip gets serious, lifesaving gets diverse, the life of an Indigenous entrepreneur, and repair cafes helping us to help ourselves.



Modern Dilemma: the politics and price of office gift giving

Three times in one week you've been asked to put in cash for farewell gifts for departing colleagues. You're not a scrooge, but you do think the suggested contribution of $20 per gift a bit steep. You put it in despite not being able to afford it and h



Why I refused to become another non-home-owning millennial statistic

When Bernard Salt defined millennials as the smashed avocado generation, Nicole Haddow was outraged. Sure, she'd spent her twenties wracking up credit card debt, but, she'd also juggled multiple jobs, put up with bad rentals and managed to pull herself o



Teacher librarian numbers are dwindling — should we be worried?

Research shows the number of specialist teachers in primary and secondary schools is decreasing, and those working in the field say when their colleagues retire or are made redundant, their roles aren't being filled. You might question why your children



Culture shift for paramedics regarding their mental health

Drug overdoses. Domestic violence. Births. Brawls.  Working as a paramedic is a huge mental and emotional rollercoaster. Holding it together on the job can have you falling apart at the end of a day. As part of a broader workplace strategy, Ambulance V