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Modern Dilemma: should I leave my teenager at home when I travel overseas?

You have an 18 year old son who has just started university. With no extended family here in Australia you go to visit your family in Europe every two years. This time you'll be leaving him with the dog for 10 days. But you are feeling anxious about leavi



Having a roving retirement

Looking after six cats in Thailand, feeding orphaned lambs in the UK and travelling to more than 40 countries - the Aussie Lambs aren't your average retirees. They've having a roving retirement, never knowing which country they might be sleeping in from



From chipped ceramics and beatnik boots: how op shopping has stood the test of time

When you peer through the windows of your local op shop, beyond the bright orange tacky biscuit jars your gran could have owned, do you see a store rich with history and an ability to travel through time?



The Fitzroy Diaries S2 E8 | Thank you Aurora

The Italian Cultural Centre in Carlton is full of people today, and Alistair — who nobody likes but nobody knows — brought potato salad. Sometimes the important thing is to show up.



Understanding smoke pollution during bushfires

We've seen blankets of bushfire smoke sitting across different parts of the country as fires rage. It's been so bad that health authorities in Queensland and New South Wales have been advising people to avoid spending excessive time outside. So what's h



The Fitzroy Diaries S2 E7 | Kombucha Smash

Damo has big news. In smaller news, Alistair, who nobody likes but nobody knows, has a sister, who unexpectedly accepts an invitation on his behalf.



Talkback: Separating well when you have children

If you've been through a separation, with children, that worked relatively well, a split that was basically amicable, how did you manage it?



The Fitzroy Diaries S2 E6 | A point off for garnish

It’s Rhyme Time in the Carlton Library today and everyone’s talking about the news … except for Frankie from 100, who eats strawberries in the park, because of course she does.



Smarter solutions for traffic congestion

Have you ever noticed that newly-built roads can have a short window of being congestion free, but after a year or so, the traffic starts to build up? Researchers are arguing that more roads aren't always the answer to commuter delays and that we need to



Young, lonely and totally normal: young adults are most prone to anxiety and loneliness

We all have those days, when we just want to curl up into a ball and block out the world. Press pause on our stress and pick up the phone to blurt out everything we are feeling to a friend. Sometimes we need support, but is it always that easy? And doe