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Every building has defects: re-imagining the block pt 2

Would you be happy to buy an apartment that didn't have its own laundry, nor an ensuite, or even a car park? In return, the unit is cheaper, energy efficient and has access to bulk power savings. But what about defects?



Hands On: mending memories

Remember cutting sheets in half and turning the worn bits to the outside, to get a few more years out of them? Spending your evenings sewing can seem odd now, when new things are so cheap and plentiful. Hilary Harper has been digging through the mending p



Talkback: How to deal with parental guilt

As long as people have had children, parents have had parental guilt. But are the pressures of modern life raising our guilt levels beyond what's healthy?



Backflip episode 5 - going back to go forward

Several types of fear threaten Mike’s ability to improve his health.



When Sally became a mum, she also became angry

Clinical psychologist Sally Shepherd didn’t ‘have it all together’ in the first few months of becoming a new mum. She experienced post-partum rage and felt she lost her identity. She shares tips to help other mums navigating that first tricky year of mot



Are we more interested in looking healthy than actually being healthy?

Idolising bodies that are thin, toned and tanned is nothing new, but research shows this obsession may have distorted our idea of what it means to be healthy.



Weekend Life Matters: a Scottish jillaroo and nature's power to heal

We gather the forces of nature from this week's special series to reveal the science, psychology and experiential therapy around getting outside, and staying there for a while.



Modern Dilemma: We want to watch our grandchild play sport. Why won't his parents let us?

You are a grandparent who loves to watch your grandchildren play sport. However, the parents of one grandchild, who suffers from anxiety, actively discourage this. Should you persist because you don't want him to feel that you're not interested in him? O



Life in 500 Words: a Scottish jillaroo in the Tanami Desert

Pam Seymour had her bags packed, bound for home. But just one episode of an Australian TV series changed everything. Forever.



Talkback: How to make nature a bigger part of your life

You know that feeling you get after a few days in the country or the bush, like your body and mind are completely refreshed? It turns out that feeling is not just in our heads. There's growing evidence that nature is good for us. So how do we get more of