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Weekend Life Matters - pilots, plumbers, a lake of reflection, and old clothes for new buildings

Two acclaimed female pilots reflect on their extraordinary battle to be recognised by a male dominated industry, why a 36 year old man from Bunbury is now a first year apprentice plumber, a lake in FNQ provides solace from the world, and how to stop texti



RJ Mitte stands up for Sunny and disability inclusion in the arts

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at three, RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad fame is an actor and advocate who challenges the stereotypes of what is expected of someone with a disability.



Talkback: How to avoid a renovation nightmare

On the reality TV shows, it looks so easy. But in reality, home renovations can plunge even the most savvy amongst us into debt and emotional turmoil.



Zombies and babies - parenting in a post-apocalyptic world

Actors and parents of two, Adele Vuko and Christiaan Van Vuuren have taken the reality of parenthood into a post-apocalyptic world in their short comedy series Over and Out.



Stories of leaving things behind and choosing new beginnings

Was there a seismic moment in your life where you made a break for it or made a definitive decision to move your life in a different direction?



Why are teenagers sitting for two-thirds of the day?

Research from Deakin University shows teenagers spend too much of their day sitting and are missing out on activity at recess and lunch.



Burning question - can I recycle clothes too old to give to charity?

What is the best way to get rid of clothing that's not in good enough condition to donate?



She dreamed of being an interior designer. Now she's invented a 3D-printed replacement for human bone.

When she was growing up, Hala Zreiqat wanted to be an interior designer. Instead her design skills have allowed her to invent something about as far from living room interiors as possible.



Voluntary assisted dying laws come into force in Victoria

Victoria's new voluntary assisted dying laws will take effect from June 19th, but with Western Australia and Queensland considering similar laws, could the Victorian laws just be the first?



Success as a 36 year old apprentice

If someone is a first year apprentice, there's a couple of expectations that go with that. Kim Narkle blows those expectations out of the water.