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Not the kind with school girls, whips and chains but the other kind with Ewoks, Squirtles, Dungeons and Dragons! We are a UK based tabletop RPG podcast for multiple fandoms. Whether you're a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, Star Wars, or even murder mysteries we've got something for you! So why not listen in and share in the adventures, unless of course you hate laughing!


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episode 196: The Long Night - 12. The Tyrant

With the Tyrant's true form now revealed, our heroes now face their biggest challenge yet! But it seems victory here is the only thing that can ensure the Nvintian Empire's safety and Marcella's return from capture... Now, the real battle begins! Our "So...



episode 195: The Long Night - 11. The Battle of the Three Armies

In this episode our many heroes must fight to defeat the Tyrants army and finally come face to face with the man himself! But all is not as it seems! Enjoy...  @letstryroleplay - Twitterletstryroleplay@gmail.combit.ly/2NwPWfP - Instagrambit.ly/2L2kGUc - ...



episode 194: The Long Night - 10. Kill Count

Having extensively planned a complex ambush and rescue mission, our heroes prepare to take down the Tyrant's half-ork army. But with their own army formed by fragile agreements and still no sign of the Tyrant, are our heroes stepping into the unknown? Li...



episode 193: The Long Night - 9. A Ghouggal Search

Our heroes have successfully made a plan with Skoll and 'Team Red' have struck a deal with the Tyrant's Half-Elf slave faction. Now, Team Blue head to the Half-Orkish faction in hope of securing a deal and having an easy go at the Tyrant... but will they...



episode 192: The Long Night - 8. Reunited And It Feels So Good

Worlds apart, our heroes have learnt and achieved much from splitting the party on an inter-dimensional level! Skoll's motivation has been somewhat uncovered and it turns out they have some shared objectives with our heroes and so a fragile and temporary...



episode 191: The Long Night 7. The Great Bothan Swindle

Having conned a unknowing Jawa into giving them Ibothane, Nat, Byron and Uma free armour for themselves and the rest of their party, our heroes turn to another stall to seek out some weapons. However, they still have no money and the same trick won't wor...


 08 September 2019  1h29m

episode 189: The Long Night - 5. UTINI !!!

Having travelled through the mirror portal and found themselves in a very unfamiliar place, Ibothane, Nat and Byron continue you their search for Tholme and the missing Mistuar authorities. But how will they accomplish this now that they have been locked...


 25 August 2019  1h36m

episode 188: The Long Night - 4. Helicuber

Our team have split up! Nat, Byron and Ibothane have headed back to Umbra Castle but this week, we follow Oliver, Kyle and Nine to Skoll island in search of Oliver's kidnapped family. But how will they get there? What will they find when they arrive? Wil...


 18 August 2019  1h19m

episode 187: The Long Night - 3. Table Flippin' and Bacon Sizzlin'

Rule #1 of adventuring is never split the party... But that is exactly what our heroes are doing as Ibothane, Nine and Byron head back to Umbra castle in search of the missing persons! What will they find when they get there? Where will they end up? List...


 11 August 2019  1h42m

episode 186: The Long Night - 2. A Fight on Two Fronts

Kyle, Oliver and Nat's mission to uncover the goings on at Umbra Castle has just become far more complex after finding and immediately losing a new extraterrestrial friend! Will our heroes be able to save him before it's too late? And will there be any m...


 04 August 2019  1h43m