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Importance of Example

July 7, 2019
Our lesson this week is from Acts chapter 20. I was reminded of the importance of example as I read the text for this week. Whose example are you following? Do our lives match up with the example found in the New Testament? Would it be reported that we followed the apostles’ example? How are we doing?


 06 July 2019  n/a

Boldness Builders #3

June 30, 2019 When God came to Gideon, He called him a warrior. Gideon didn't see himself as a warrior. In fact, he said he was from the weakest clan and he was the least of his clan. Gideon also questioned God's ability to work in his life. He wanted to know why God had abandoned them. I’m Dave Grant, host of LET THE BIBLE SPEAK. God didn't see him as weak or of little value. God called him a warrior. Each one of us is valuable to God, too...


 30 June 2019  n/a

Boldness Builders #2

Do you ever hesitate to talk about Jesus? If we want to have boldness, remember that Jesus still changes lives today! The word transformation comes from the Latin word metamorphosis. This a process in which God’s Holy Spirit works from the inside/out to make you what He wants you to be. I’m Dave Grant, host of LET THE BIBLE SPEAK. Daily changes in the way we think are not usually noticed, but given time in service, God will make the change-process evident in your life.


 21 June 2019  n/a

Boldness Builders 1

June 2, 2019 Most Christians have probably found themselves in difficult situations at least occasionally where they took the easy way out to avoid a collision with opposition. Instead of speaking up for Christ or standing alone for Christian principles, you may have quietly tried to ignore the situation.  "Why can't I be more confident?" Our lesson this week and next will address this area of potential growth and look for ways to increase our boldness.


 02 June 2019  n/a

Opportunity Part 2

May 26, 2019 We continue our lesson on looking for opportunities. Do you know what the word "enthusiasm" means? It comes from Latin word "entheos" which means "filled up with God." In our lesson we'll discuss how to be filled with God.


 26 May 2019  n/a

Opportunity for Good News

May 19, 2019 Do you ever get bored at church? Someone who’s been a Christian for quite a while may begin to forget the excitement they once felt when they were baptized into Christ. As a result, they may not have the enthusiasm to share the blessings of the Gospel with others. I’m Dave Grant, host of LET THE BIBLE SPEAK. If your spiritual life only consists of going to church, there’s a real danger that you’re already bored. Our lesson this week will show you how to cure boredom.


 19 May 2019  n/a

All Things in Common 2

May 5, 2019 This is the concluding lesson to our discussion of Acts 2:42-47.


 05 May 2019  n/a

All Things in Common

April 28, 2019: Have you ever had something that was brand new? A new car, a new home, or maybe a new softball? I bought a new softball for one of our church picnics. It was bright white. Within minutes of play, I didn’t recognize it as the new one I’d bought. I’m Dave Grant, host of LET THE BIBLE SPEAK. At one time, the church was brand new. Jesus’ prayer for unity among believers was realized initially as we can see from the book of Acts. What happened? Can we be in unity again?


 28 April 2019  n/a

Gospel Sermon Part 2

April 21, 2019: This lesson is the conclusion to the Four Point Gospel Sermon in Acts chapter 2.


 21 April 2019  n/a

Four-Point Sermon

April 14, 2019: In our on-going concern for being true to the Lord’s direction in our lives, we also need to be sure we are able to effectively communicate the Lord’s direction to others. In our study of the book of Acts, we have seen that the Lord empowered the apostles to communicate the message of the Gospel. The Lord performed a miracle of communication so that everyone could understand Peter’s sermon in their own language...


 19 April 2019  n/a