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Before building a house or starting a company, we’d put a plan in place–a blueprint or an outline. But what about when we’re creating lives of excellence? It’s far too easy to “let life happen to us.” Join April and Eric Perry as we discuss Life Architecture, Productivity, Health, Family, and Spirituality. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and you’re ready to become something more than you are right now, this show is for you.


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Decrease the "Money Stress." How to Work with Your Spouse to Achieve Your Dreams - with Chris Hogan and the Perrys [Episode 72]

Did you know: A third of couples don't save at all and 21% of couples are not aware of the total amount in their accounts? Our goal today is to help you not only live your mission, but prepare for a life that is incredible. Comfort, peace and security...



Do You Really Want More? Just Begin. [Episode 71]

If you feel like there is something you’re meant to do, but you’re afraid your initial efforts won’t be “enough,” this podcast is for you. Our recommendation? Begin! We've gathered some great ideas from our STEP community members of ways...



Don't Let Anything Stop You - with Britt Seva and the Perrys [Episode 70]

Today, Eric and I are sharing an amazing interview with our dear friend Britt Seva, an amazing online leader for hairstylists. You might be wondering, "What does this have to do with me wanting to get my life organized and create my ideal future?"...



Consolidate Your Inboxes To Reduce Time on Social Media [Episode 69]

Do you ever feel like you are wasting time on social media, even when much of what you look through is supportive and educational? Today we've gathered some tips to help you consolidate your inboxes, so that you reduce the number of times you get...



Transforming Struggles into Opportunities- with Pat Flynn and April & Eric Perry [Episode 68]

If you are looking to architect your life in a powerful way, you are going to LOVE the topics we discuss with Pat Flynn, entrepreneur and leader in the online industry. When Pat lost his job--and dream career--as an architect, he chose not become a...



Sentimental Clutter Keeping You Stuck? Honor Your Feelings [Episode 67]

Do you feel weighed down by sentimental gifts, memorabilia, and other clutter? Here are some tips from our community to help you let go of those emotional items, while still honoring your memories and relationships! https://LearnDoBecome.com/episode67...


 08 October 2019  20m

Organizing Your Way to Success - with Rachel McMichael and April Perry [Episode 66]

Shiny object syndrome? Too much to do, not enough time? How do you balance it all...especially as a parent? These discussion points (and more!) can be found in this guest podcast I (April) recorded with my wonderful friend Rachel. Rachel McMichael is...


 26 September 2019  43m

Ready to Organize Your Mind? Use These Three Categories [Episode 65]

I have a vision of a Command Central on every desk, because it brings mental clarity and helps you to get out of the piles. (That's how I grew up.) Today, we'll walk through my STEP Command Central, and show you what the three parts are--so that you...


 12 September 2019  20m

Balancing a Side Hustle, a Full-Time Job, and a Family with STEP--with Avi Friedman [Episode 64]

Do you have too much on your plate? If you are feeling overwhelmed by too many reminders popping up on your phone and things are slipping through the cracks, come listen in! Our amazing Steps to Everyday Productivity (STEP) community member, Avi...


 29 August 2019  44m

Three Tips to Create a SUPER Streamlined Next Actions List [Episode 63]

Do you ever sit down to look at your list and feel like it's become yet another overwhelming to-do list? Today, we're problem-solving this issue together. Come listen in to learn three ways I (April) keep my Next Actions list SUPER simple and...


 22 August 2019  28m