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Before building a house or starting a company, we’d put a plan in place–a blueprint or an outline. But what about when we’re creating lives of excellence? It’s far too easy to “let life happen to us.” Join April and Eric Perry as we discuss Life Architecture, Productivity, Health, Family, and Spirituality. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and you’re ready to become something more than you are right now, this show is for you.


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Ready to Organize Your Mind? Use These Three Categories [Episode 65]

I have a vision of a Command Central on every desk, because it brings mental clarity and helps you to get out of the piles. (That's how I grew up.) Today, we'll walk through my STEP Command Central, and show you what the three parts are--so that you...



Balancing a Side Hustle, a Full-Time Job, and a Family with STEP--with Avi Friedman [Episode 64]

Do you have too much on your plate? If you are feeling overwhelmed by too many reminders popping up on your phone and things are slipping through the cracks, come listen in! Our amazing Steps to Everyday Productivity (STEP) community member, Avi...



Three Tips to Create a SUPER Streamlined Next Actions List [Episode 63]

Do you ever sit down to look at your list and feel like it's become yet another overwhelming to-do list? Today, we're problem-solving this issue together. Come listen in to learn three ways I (April) keep my Next Actions list SUPER simple and...



Real Life Before and After: Jüli Bjurström [Episode 62]

If you've ever felt like you are "starting over" in life, supporting family members who are going through hardships, and trying to find your purpose at the same time, Jüli gets it--and she can walk you through the process that helped her create a...


 13 August 2019  33m

Bedroom Decluttering Before School Starts! [Episode 61]

As we're getting students ready to go back to school, it's a great time for bedroom decluttering.   Join April and her daughter Grace as they share three do's and three don'ts for preparing our minds and spaces for the new school year! Show...


 08 August 2019  19m

What Can We Become? [Episode 60]

Today I have a story and question for you to help you as you're thinking about what you can become. Now, there are a lot of ways that we can come up with answers to that question. And it's not necessarily something that we're going to solve right this...


 01 August 2019  12m

Keli Gwyn!!! Real Life Before and After [Episode 59]

Keli is amazing. Optimistic, action-oriented, forward-moving... She was putting all kinds of awesome comments on Facebook, on our ads for our webinar, inside our STEP Mastery community. She was posting photos and sharing her story, and I thought,...


 26 July 2019  32m

Making Room to Wait, Incubate, and Grieve [Episode 58]

How do we intentionally make time and space in our ever-moving lives for grief? Here at LearnDoBecome, we talk about creating a system to help you organize your mind. While we often focus on how this system, a STEP Command Central, can help you move...


 18 July 2019  27m

It's About the FEELING We Create in Our Homes [Episode 57]

I (April) recently had the opportunity to podcast with Jessica from Thriving in Motherhood--such an honor! What is the feeling you want to create in your home? Come listen in for ideas on taking care of ourselves, clearing the clutter, and putting our...


 05 July 2019  41m

"Getting Unstuck" with Lisa Schader [Episode 56]

If you've been feeling stuck, today's podcast will give you a lift. Lisa Schader started by building her STEP Command Central simply, but this simple system helped her restart her photography and personal finance businesses. She's tackled a kitchen...


 27 June 2019  31m