Jewish Soul Food with Yiscah

Providing spiritual food and nourishment to the soul. Encountering the Divine Presence within and hearing the soul's unique "still small voice."

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 58m. Bisher sind 40 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Rav Kook 9 - holding the "other" within you & integrity to oneself.

A discussion on finding a place for the "other" within ourselves. Also, being faithful to oneself in spite of the pressure to seek community agreement.


 22 December 2015  55m

Rav Kook 8 - Individual unity within and global peace. How? Is it even possible?

We each have different "pieces" within us. The world is composed of individual "pieces." How do these "pieces" fit together to bring both inner unity and world peace?


 15 December 2015  57m

Rav Kook 7 - The importance of having a free spirit and a Chanukah teaching.

The importance of honoring and expressing one's individual free spirit. And the Chanukah miracle re the Jewish people being drawn to popular beliefs and wisdom of other nations.


 08 December 2015  1h5m

Rav Kook 6 - Can one's spiritual appetite ever be satiated? Is it ever enough?

Is what you experience and learn all that life has to offer or is it a taste of what may follow? How do we move along our spiritual journey? Is what we see, is that which is revealed and obvious the beginning or the end?


 01 December 2015  58m

Rav Kook 5 - Which world are you a part of? Where can you be found?

There are laws of nature that govern the physical world. As well, there are laws of nature that govern the spiritual world. Which laws of nature do you adapt to? Perhaps both? Does one set govern more than the other? Let's find out!


 24 November 2015  1h0m

Rav Kook 4 - How can we heal the anguish in the world?

The world is full of anguish. Why? How do we shift out of the space of anguish and pain to the space of pleasure and delight?


 17 November 2015  1h1m

Rav Kook 3 - The spiritual practice of opening oneself --- to oneself.

Encountering closeness to the Divine within and around through the spiritual practice of opening up. Intellectually? Emotionally? Both?


 10 November 2015  59m

Rav Kook 2 - Great dreams are the foundation of the world.

Who are the dreamers in the world? Why is it important to have a dream? What is the main obstacle to dream? What is your dream?


 03 November 2015  1h1m

Returning to oneself

An insight on the spiritual practice of turning towards and returning to one's unique and authentic inner being.


 30 October 2015  15m

Rav Kook 1 - Each person has a unique and individual path

Honoring one's own individual path; nurturing your soul.


 26 October 2015  1h3m