Jewish Soul Food with Yiscah

Providing spiritual food and nourishment to the soul. Encountering the Divine Presence within and hearing the soul's unique "still small voice."

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 58m. Bisher sind 40 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Rav Kook on the Hagadah 10 - Maror & Koreich

Exploring the deeper spiritual meanings of these 2 essential steps in moving into the space of freedom, abundance & expanded consciousness.


 19 April 2016  57m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 9 - Rachtsah/Motsi/Matsah

The spiritual meanings of these 3 interwoven essential steps in the Pesach Seder; examining the deeper insights.


 12 April 2016  57m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 8 - Magid - Raban Gamliel used to say....

Spiritual insights on the significance of the requirement to address "Pesach, Matzah and Maror" at the Seder.


 06 April 2016  59m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 7 - Magid - Pakod Pakadeti - I have surely remembered

Exploring the 2 remembrances. Who is remembering? What is the connection to longing to reclaim what we once had?


 29 March 2016  57m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 6 - Magid - going out with great wealth

understanding why G-d asks Moshe to "please" coax the Children of Israel to ask the Egyptians for their silver & gold, rather than command them; a freed slave desires only to be released, but there was a greater mission to accomplish, requiring the acquis


 08 March 2016  1h1m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 5 - Magid- strong hand/outstretched arm

Exploring the 2 tracks of history and in one's personal journey: revolution & evolution/ sudden Divine inspiration from above & gradual movement from within.


 01 March 2016  59m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 4 - Yachatz/Dividing the middle matzah

In a person's journey to freedom, discover why not only the ends are important but the means as well; each step along the path contains important meaning in of itself.


 23 February 2016  1h0m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 3 - Kadesh & Karpas

A discussion on the sanctification of one's individual time. What does that really mean? And the freedom to embrace a life of abundance.


 16 February 2016  1h0m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 2 - Inner Light of Freedom &"Kadesh"

Always accentuating one's lofty inner self and independence; each person has the ability to bestow upon the day one's own dimension of sanctity.


 09 February 2016  57m

Rav Kook on the Hagadah 1 - Freedom and the Removal of Chametz

Exploring the interdependent relationship between these 2 themes and the difference between a slave and a free person.


 02 February 2016  55m