Jazz Bastard Podcast

Two strikingly handsome middle-aged men get together every other week to discuss jazz in depth. Irreverent, irascible, engaged.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h25m. Bisher sind 184 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts


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episode 180: Jazz Bastard Podcast 180 - We Got the Skillz to Play the Billz

It's raining Bills . . . who play jazz, and the boys have bucketfuls of insights about each and every William.



episode 179: Jazz Bastard Podcast 179 - Hive Finds

Five releases from the short-lived Beehive label bring be-bop goodness to the bastards.



episode 178: Jazz Bastard Podcast 178 - Get Thyself to the Garden Party

A mix of old and new releases, from the obscure to the obscurer.


 30 October 2019  1h30m

episode 177: Jazz Bastard Podcast 177 - Bird Dogs and Licorice Sticks

Clarinetist Sam Sadigursky is the special guest and the line up is eclectic.


 16 October 2019  1h40m

episode 176: Jazz Bastard Podcast 176 - Vibe Time

It's an all mallets and metal podcast, as the boys discuss four very different vibists.


 02 October 2019  1h24m

episode 175: Jazz Bastard Podcast 175 - Zappity Doo Dah

It's a Zappa-rific episode as two perfectly Frank and two cover albums get the spotlight.


 18 September 2019  1h22m

Jazz Bastard Podcast 174.5 - Chicago Jazz Fest Special

Pat takes a half-hour to share his take on this year's Chicago Jazz Fest.


 11 September 2019  27m

episode 174: Jazz Bastard Podcast 174 - The Deep End

Wayne Shorter's epic release Emanon is the centerpiece of a discussion of ambitious, third-stream leaning jazz releases.


 04 September 2019  1h25m

episode 173: Jazz Bastard Podcast 173 - Mating Dance of the Cosmic Pandas

Guitarists are the focus today - and some of them sling more strings than others.


 21 August 2019  1h29m

episode 172: Jazz Bastard Podcast 172 - What's the Concept

Jazz "concept" albums are the focus on the episode, as the boys wonder if such things exist, and, if they do, if Pat could recognize one in dark alley.


 07 August 2019  1h36m