Israel in Translation

Exploring Israeli literature in English translation. Host Marcela Sulak takes you through Israel’s literary countryside, cityscapes, and psychological terrain, and the lives of the people who create it.

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Nora the Mind Reader

What if, when you were in Kindergarten, your mother had given you a magic wand that allowed you to read people’s minds? Well, that’s just what happens in Orit Gidali’s book, Nora the Mind Reader, which will bring to a close our month of...



Leah Goldberg's “Room for Rent”

No Israeli childhood experience would be complete without Leah Goldberg. Her story “Room for Rent” was published in 1948 and is one of the most classic children’s books available in Hebrew.



Shira Geffen's “The Heart-Shaped Leaf”

This month we continue our spotlight on beautifully written and illustrated Israeli children’s books translated into English with “The Heart Shaped Leaf,” by Shira Geffen and illustrated by David Polonsky.



“The Mermaid in the Bathtub”

Some of Marcela's favorite children’s books in Hebrew have been written by well known poets and illustrated by some of Israel’s most talented graphic artists. This episode features The Mermaid in the Bathtub, written by the poet, essayist and...



Nano Shabtai's “Corn”

For the next few weeks, we will feature new, up-and-coming writers whose work have recently been translated to English. Nano Shabtai is known in Hebrew arts and letters as a poet, dramatist and director.


 06 November 2019  7m

Ronny Someck's “The Milk Underground”

Many poems in Ronny Someck's The Milk Underground deal with being a father of girls—adolescent and teenaged, young women. They explore the fraught territory of daughter’s bodies—body as dowry, body as a locus for pleasure and for betrayal, and...


 30 October 2019  6m

Ayelet Tsabari's “Barefoot and Enlightened”

Ayelet Tsabari was born in Israel to a large family of Yemeni descent. She grew up in a suburb of Tel Aviv, served in the Israeli army, and travelled extensively throughout South East Asia, Europe and North America. In 1998 Ayelet moved to Vancouver,...


 23 October 2019  11m

Welcoming in the Ushpizin: Poems for Sukkot

We’re currently in the days of Sukkot, in which Jews everywhere dwell in a temporary structure called a Sukkah. One of the customs of Sukkot is inviting guests for meals in the Sukkah, close friends or needy strangers.


 16 October 2019  10m

Poems for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (Rerun)

"I hereby close the gates between my legs till further notice / For an unlimited period, due to maintenance. / No bearers of first fruit will come / No pilgrims will make pilgrimage..."


 09 October 2019  8m

Amichai Chasson's “Rami Levy in Talpiot”

This week, Marcela reads from Amichai Chasson, who like many international poets encountering America, has written his Walt Whitman in the supermarket poem titled, “Rami Levy in Talpiot.”


 02 October 2019  8m