Infinite Playroom

A podcast full of drunk nerds, where we discuss the current game we are conquering (poorly) and give uneducated opinions on current gaming news.

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Episode 211: Waiting For Godot's Review

In the efforts to get the podcast out earlier than usual, we release it late as possible. We start off by discussing the news about Bethesda only releasing press copies for review purposes, a day before initial release. The destructive path of Stoo's child reaches to his 3DS, just in time before an upgrade. Vye-Guy attempts to completely eliminate his sex life by starting an Amiibo collection. October was a huge month for AAA releases, but there is still plenty more to come...


 11 November 2016  1h6m

Episode 210: Infinite Simulation

Sometimes the goofy Missouri weather can effect us, and sickness will get the better of us, although it will not stop us. To begin the playroom this week, we start with a little bit of Pokemon news. We discuss more ideas that could come with the new Nintendo Switch, including the possibility Pokemon on console. The usual wraps up this, and if you couldn't notice, we like Battlefield.


 04 November 2016  52m

Episode 209: Nintendo Switch It Up

The excitement can barely be contained when it comes to news this week! We start the gittyness off with talk about the reveal of the Nintendo Switch and give some guesses on what it could bring to gaming, even while on the go. Coincidentally on the same day, Rockstar Games announced their next project, Red Dead Redemption 2. Spoiler Alert: We go heavily into the story of Red Dead Redemption to figure out what Red Dead Redemption 2 could bring to the storyline...


 28 October 2016  1h6m

Episode 208: Spoiled

This week we start with off the release of PlayStation VR, and how it's received from the outside, without hands on. If you have fond memories of the turn-based game Advanced Wars, the Playroom stumbles across a kickstarter project to relive the nostalgia. With Firewatch on the mind, after a few members have a playthrough, we discuss the possibility of a movie adaptation of the award winning game...


 20 October 2016  1h27m

Episode 207: More VR

The Playroom starts slightly off topic with detailed discussion on bathrobe attire. We've spent many-a-podcasts giving our opinion on VR, and we finally have someones first hand experience with it. Warning ahead: Before tackling what we're playing, the guys get a little political. Yes, I get it, I don't know how to count.


 07 October 2016  54m

Episode 206: Tokyo Game Show

The Playroom this week is a quick show, starting with some small updates coming out of Tokyo Game Show. We raise the question "what percentage of gamers are casual?" and each give our input on the topic. We discuss what we been playing this week and some of us are returning to some games we've missed. Short and not so sweet.


 22 September 2016  54m

Episode 205: Going Pro

This week the Playroom is full of announcements and press events. Starting off we dive into the PlayStation 4 Pro and it's capabilities and if it's worth it all in the end. Apple and Shigeru Miyamoto join forces during the announcement of the iPhone 7 to reveal the game Super Mario Run, an endless runner coming to the iOS exclusively, from Nintendo. We keep up the norm and end with what we've been playing.


 14 September 2016  1h0m

Episode 204: B Is For Butters

We start the Playroom this week glossing over the topic of the newest "buddy" system coming to Pokemon Go. Stoo goes into detail about the missed opportunities of mobile games. Are franchise spin-offs getting out of control? We attempt our best to explain the grey area in the discussion. Vye-Guy sums up as much as he can on the Nintendo Direct event. The usual to close out the show.


 06 September 2016  1h18m

Episode 202: When Nature Calls

This week in the the Playroom, we start off the discussion about some new details that were released for the Xbox Neo and Playstation Slim. We go a little off topic as we put our input on gaming attire, and what is necessary for the perfect outfit. Iron and Stoo give updates on some "under the radar" games they are currently anticipating. Close off the show with the norm. *insert gaming pun*


 30 August 2016  1h6m

Episode 201: Master Awkward

This Playroom session, we start off with week two into the No Man's Sky and the almost overall disappointment players seem to be experiencing. One conversation quickly segues into another as we discuss the current user drop that Pokemon Go is having, and what the future might hold to bring back gamers. We close off with the usual, with a little added "story time" from Iron.


 30 August 2016  1h16m