Illuminating Anorexia, Eating, Self & Body issues

Michelle Sparkes is a physiotherapist, professional counsellor and wellness coach with lived experience of anorexia, EDNOS and binge eating in her teen and early adult years. In this podcast she delivers powerful insights, keys and strategies to help individuals recover from these health and life consuming problems.

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Warning…danger ahead!

I got caught in an ocean current on the weekend and it got me thinking how quickly we can go from being in control (“I’m okay”) to being out of control (“I’m in danger”). The slide from disordered or unhealthy (even sub-optimal) eating patterns and beh...


 09 April 2019  15m

What to do when you’re paralysed by fear

Paralysing fear. Feeling stuck and terrified. Afraid to make a “wrong” decision; afraid to make any decision. Acute anxiety is a major feature of anorexia and something most of us will relate to in some measure.


 15 March 2019  17m

Christmas reflection

When we are locked in the self hatred of the eating disorder ‘cage’ we need to experience ourselves as seen, known, understood, worthwhile, valuable, loved. Even when and especially in the midst of our most acute struggles.


 21 December 2018  17m

Communicating when it’s difficult

When it comes to communicating around a difficult situation or personal challenge I find the following piece of wisdom most helpful.


 12 December 2018  13m

Help for Chronic and Enduring Anorexia

What do you say to two brave women now both in their 40s, struggling to stay ‘well enough’ to stay out of hospital after a long journey with anorexia, both traumatised by previous hospital admissions and struggling to know who to trust and where to tur...


 28 November 2018  11m

How not to revert to bad habits

In response to one listeners request for help “not to revert back to old bad habits” and to learn to eat when hungry, here are some thoughts.


 29 October 2018  18m

The importance of compassion when you’re fearful

I recently asked people what their greatest challenge or concern was when it came to their struggle in the ED/DE landscape. One respondent asked how to combat her fear of gaining weight when she “knew she must.


 19 October 2018  9m

Getting beneath the binge 2

When we explore what’s going on inside us in the lead up to a binge it helps makes ‘sense’ of our behaviour; our bingeing feels less mindless and out of control; we can view our situation with more curiosity and ourselves with more compassion.


 30 August 2018  16m

Getting beneath the binge (1)

Bingeing isn’t just (or even mostly) about physical hunger, although if we’re not giving our body sufficient food on a regular basis we will certainly binge. Bingeing is primarily about emotional hunger. Emotional hunger starts us on the journey of res...


 30 August 2018  12m

3 pillars to set you FREE from disordered eating self & body concerns

There are a number of things to embody and embrace (skills to learn, knowledge to discover) to get free from disordered eating behaviours and beliefs but at the heart of it all I believe these three pillars are foundational to true freedom form disorde...


 21 August 2018  18m