I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

The GANGSTERCAST DJ mix series comes from the I'M A HOUSE GANGSTER movement. A HOUSE GANGSTER has the undying commitment and passion for House music, they know that this music is not a trend, it's a culture. The mixes all come from the DJs that follow this culture and love and respect the sound - some are established names on the worldwide scene, some are the future stars of tomorrow, and they all represent the raw, underground essence of real House music. Each mix in the GANGSTERCAST series allows the DJ to present their own take on House music and what it means to them. Featured DJs will include DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Ramon Tapia, Doc Martin, The Martinez Brothers, Phil Weeks, Hector Moralez, DJ W!LD, Andrea Oliva, Arturo Garces and many others.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h29m. Bisher sind 97 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche


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DJ Oliver | Gangstercast 87

Episode 87 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by DJ Oliver, who is one of the few Spanish DJs who can truly call himself a global DJ having carved out his reputation in every corner of the globe from his countless travels across all five...


 13 July 2016  2h1m

Tapesh | Gangstercast 86

Tapesh has been around the block and then some. Growing up in clubs owned by his father and having interest in all types of musical genres has made the multicultural German a true fanatic when it comes to play and produce music. He’s...


 22 June 2016  1h0m

DJ Bee | Gangstercast 85

  DJ Bee brings episode 85 of the Gangstercast series, if there is one word that can identify Bee its house, a sound that he has always been loyal too. This sound had defined him as a person and as a DJ with the roots of house always presented in...


 08 June 2016  1h37m

DJ Genesis | Gangstercast 84

Episode 84 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by DJ Genesis. Born and raised in New York City, his passion for music was developed at an early age during the golden age of Hip Hop in the late 80s. By age 13 he had his first pair of turntables...


 25 May 2016  2h6m

Rob Paine | Gangstercast 83

Episode 83 of the Gangstercast series is orchestrated by Rob Paine from Worship Recordings. Rob’s roots run deep. From the moment he heard music as a youth, he knew where his mind, body, and soul would take him. That passion has provided the...


 11 May 2016  2h6m

Kosta | Gangstercast 82

Episode 82 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by Kosta. 'Brought up in a classy neighborhood somewhere in Romania's communist outbacks, he developed a taste for meaningful music, playing a melange of feelings and rhythms. Assembling...


 27 April 2016  1h24m

Dennes Deen | Gangstercast 81

Episode 81 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by Dennes Deen. Some call it classically trained. Others call it old school. Many call it the only way: Dennes Deen earned his stripes as a real DJ. Not as a DJ/producer. Not as a producer who has...


 13 April 2016  1h24m

Felix Da Housecat | Gangstercast 80

Gangstercast is known for featuring some of the best talents and heroes in the scene and this week is no exception. We are very excited to announce episode 80 of The Gangstercast is orchestrated by the one and only Felix Da Housecat. This is an...


 23 March 2016  2h1m

Deron | Gangstercast 79

This episode of The Gangstercast is orchestrated by Deron, who is the Managing Director at Paradise Distribution, and Label Manager for Dirtybird. This is what he had to say... “When I started buying records in 1996, I lived in Portland, OR,...


 09 March 2016  2h1m

Cockney Lama | Gangstercast 78

Cockney Lama was born and bred in Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. These days he is living in Hackney, East London. Always being passionate for music, he begun his travel through the sounds at the age of 14 by forming his own band with other...


 24 February 2016  1h59m